Cameo Calls lets you have a video meet and greet with a celebrity

Cameo is adding a new live call feature to its app. Cameo may be best known for making you pay for pre-recorded celebrity video messages, but the new feature, Called cameo calls, lets you have short video calls designed as meet-and-greets. (The app even sets a photo at the end of the conversation.)

The Cameo calls page has a full list of who is available for calls and how much it costs for a given portion of their time. Cameo says calls can last up to 15 minutes and the average price for a call is $31. When I looked, I saw that most people offer two or three minutes per call, and the prices varied wildly. (The highest amount I saw was $225 for a 10-minute conversation with Vanessa Marcil, an actress who was on the show General Hospital.)

However, I must admit that I hardly know any of the people available for Cameo Calls. The biggest name I recognized was Billy Dee Williams, known for his iconic portrayal of Lando Calrissian in the Star Wars franchisee. (You’ll pay $100 to reserve three minutes of his time on Monday.) But the new feature could be a fun way to have a conversation with someone you’re a fan of — assuming they offer time through Cameo Calls , that is.

This isn’t Cameo’s first live feature; in June 2020, it launched Cameo Live, which allows you and up to four other people to talk to a celebrity during a Zoom call. However, that product was sunset in April 2021, Cameo . says The edge.