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Call of Duty: Mobile Getting Season 5 Embrace the ‘Get Wrecked’


Destroy order and unleash chaos in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 5’s Get Wrecked, which brings us a map Armada Strike and Search and Rescue mode to multiplayer which will include the new FFAR 1 assault rifle, updates to the tournament mode and more surprises.

The new season brings mayhem to 11 new multiplayer maps and a new mode, as well as improvements to weekend tournaments, including the option to compete in multiplayer and battle royale.

The Chaos Battle Pass includes free and premium items, including new Operator skins, weapon blueprints, profile cards and bonus COD Points to spend on the next Premium pass or in the shop.

Make way for the FFAR 1 assault rifle, which has one of the highest rates of fire in its class, and unlocks at Tier 21 in the Battle Pass. At level 14, get the new ‘Sentinel’ scorestreak, an installable device that emits radiation in the shape of a cone, slowing the enemy’s movement, blurring their vision and dealing continuous low-level damage. Other free tier highlights include a variety of camos, weapon blueprints, and Hades’ weapon — Shattered Hearts at level 50.

Buy the Premium Pass for a chance to earn all the content available in Stream of Chaos, which includes operator skins such as Rampage – Showdown, Synaptic – Killer – The Sims Arranger – Rosie and Gray Sky. Completely eliminate the competition with the AK117 – Institutional Case, ZRG 20mm – Roman Empire – FFAR 1 – Full Burning, Shorty – Patchwork – Switchblade X9 – Betrayal.

Battle Pass Subscription: Join the Ground Forces by subscribing to the Battle Pass and get additional rewards each season with 10% player and weapon XP boosts, plus limited discounts on 10x chest draws.

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 5 Ground Forces rewards include the Hunter Operator Skin, Infantry Troop, MAC-10, Weapon Blueprint and Backpack 3.

New multiplayer map: Armada Strike

The battle takes place on the high seas of the Armada Strike map, where players must fight for control of a large ship in the midst of an ocean-going fleet. We published the Armada Strike map for the first time in a game Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold Warchallenging players to engage in skirmishes both above and below deck, and includes grappling ropes for quick movement between deck and below deck.

Dive into the water to perform water attacks from the sides, and try to take control of the central control room to cut important paths to your enemies through the ship. Watch out for snipers and other long-range agents on the starboard side and port, and whatever you do… keep the pressure on the enemy team until you win.

New Multiplayer mode: Search and Rescue

This mode combines the advantages of Search and Destroy and Confirmed Kill as Search and Rescue tasks players with attacking or defending bomb sites. Players have the ability to revive killed teammates once per round.

The identification necklace will drop from players when they are killed for the first time. If a member of their team picks it up, the Operator will be back in the round, but if the enemy gets to it first, the Operator who was killed will be out of the match. As in Search and Destroy, teams can win by either successfully detonating or defused the bomb site, or by completely eliminating the enemy team.

The combat system in the battle royale of Call of Duty: Mobile

Are you being bombarded with grenades and other explosive projectiles? Defend your position with the Battle Royale Season 5 counter system. The self-defense system destroys a limited number of incoming explosives while it’s active so you can focus on the enemy in front of you instead of running away from the impending blast range. Try to find this valuable tactical item when searching for items across the map.

New Attribute Effectiveness: Brutal Stamina

Build your survival base, collect supplies, build facilities and secure your position in this chaotic land. Play Multiplayer and Battle Royale modes to earn significant rewards, including Daily Quests that reward you with advanced materials for successful completion. Use these advanced materials to upgrade the buildings in your base, helping you collect more rewards more effectively.

  Call of Duty: Mobile

New seasonal challenges and events

Season 5 features new seasonal events and challenges that award Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints, Battle Pass XP and more, including the Tactical Flashlight accessory.

New extension: Mount the new tactical flashlight on the RUS—79U to detect enemy agents from a greater distance in all lighting conditions. This is a great accessory for quickly hitting enemies from long range in all kinds of environments.

Check out the in-game events tab throughout the season for more information, as well as daily mission rewards and monthly login incentives.

New improvements to tournament mode

Starting with Season 5, the weekend tournament mode will allow players to compete in both multiplayer and a weekly rotating battle royale, with the first map being Alcatraz.

Hand-to-hand combat camouflages: Bravely approach your enemies and fight them off when using the new hand-to-hand combat camos for Tournament mode. After you’ve unlocked enough basic camos for your Tournament Mode weapons, hand-to-hand combat camos are available to earn, so you can fight with elegance when approaching your enemies.

Enhanced chests: The contents of the Tournament Chests will also be upgraded, as players will be able to use coupons with 1 COD point on the first draw of Legendary Card Chests.

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