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Call her Suzy: Eddie Izzard adds to her name so fans ‘can’t make a mistake’

Eddie Izzard is embracing a new name – one the British comedian has wanted since childhood.

Talking to Matt Forde for Tuesday’s episode of Podcast “The Political Party”.the British comedian shared how she identifies, her pronouns and her new name.

“There’s another name I’m going to add, which is Suzy, who I’ve wanted to be since I was 10,” said Izzard, who came out as transgender in 1985. Being Suzy Eddie Izzard. That’s how I’m going to roll, so people can choose what they want.

The comedian said she will keep her public name ‘Eddie Izzard’, which she decided to keep for the recognition.

Izzard said she started thinking of other names after proclaiming she was using s/he pronouns in 2020.

Earlier on the podcast, when Forde asked if people “second guess themselves” when it comes to the comedian’s pronouns, Izzard joked, “I make mistakes with my own pronouns.”

The ‘Oceans Twelve’ actor said she was thinking about changing her pronouns until she received an honorary doctorate from Swansea University in July 2019.

She recalled the ceremony when a chancellor referred to Izzard with she/her pronouns and listed her achievements.

“I just sat there with she/her pronouns in a speech about how I hit me,” she said. “And I told (the chancellor) this afterwards – it kind of hit me positively. It just felt great. And I said, ‘Thanks for that.’”

“And so I wrote a statement: ‘I prefer she/her, I don’t mind him/her. No one can make a mistake,” she added.