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Call for entries: FT Tech Champions 2022

Last year, the Covid pandemic accelerated the adoption of new technologies in every industry sector – as companies rushed to find ways to serve their customers and deploy their workforce safely.

But in 2022, when health restrictions are lifted, technology must be applied to a new set of commercial challenges: managing the supply chain and inflationary pressures associated with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine; dealing with logistical and personnel problems caused by Covid and Brexit; and try to reduce climate risks by meeting green goals.

Do you know companies that have taken on these challenges? If so, nominate them for the Financial Times’ “Tech Champions of 2022” project.

In partnership with Workday, we want to showcase UK and European companies and other organizations that are using technology to adapt to emerging risks and opportunities.

Nominate a technical champion

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Click on this link to our online registration form. It takes less than a minute to fill in. Multiple nominations are allowed.

Last year’s Tech Champions project focused on companies playing a pivotal role in the pandemic, but this year we look for examples of innovation that can help overcome the latest challenges of geopolitical and economic conditions.

Nominations are now open and can be submitted by filling out a very short online form. Also, FT journalists will contribute to the process, research the submissions and assist in shortlisting.

A panel of judges will then study the nominated companies and select the best examples from different sectors and name them “Tech Champions of 2022”. We invite entries from the following sectors:

The companies and organizations selected as “Tech Champions of 2022” will be featured online and in a magazine in November.

Accompanying articles will profile them and their senior management – examining their approach to innovation, their perseverance and their technical ingenuity.

To make a nomination click on this link to our short online registration formwhich takes less than a minute to complete.

There is no limit on submissions – readers can make multiple nominations, across all industries. The closing date for registrations is September 2, 2022.

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