Call center giant will use webcams to keep home workers from leaving their desks


Call center giant will use webcams to keep home workers from eating, looking at their phones or leaving their desk while at work

  • France-based Teleperformance told workers to expect the specialist equipment
  • Webcams will be used for training, but will also see if employees are using keyboard
  • Firm says it does not intend to take action in the UK and they ‘trust their staff’

One of the world’s largest call center companies has warned a number of employees that they will be monitored by webcams that check if they are slacking while working from home.

Teleperformance told employees to expect the specialized equipment that will be used for catching up and training teams.

But they are also connected to systems that monitor whether people are using keyboards or at their desks.

When it turns out that an employee is not at his desk, a still image is sent to his supervisor in a game changer for the millions of people who work around the house.

Teleperformance employees will have to use an app if they can't reach their keyboard (stock image)

Teleperformance employees will have to use an app if they can’t reach their keyboard (stock image)

France-based Teleperformance employs about 380,000 people in dozens of countries, but there are currently no plans to put the strict measures into effect in the UK.

The Guardian reported a training video about the system stating that it “monitors and tracks employee behavior in real time and detects any violations of pre-set business rules, and sends real-time alerts to managers to take immediate corrective action.”

Employees who leave their desks to go to the bathroom or get a drink use an app to enter ‘pause mode’ to avoid being laughed at.

The staff were told. If the system does not detect a keystroke and mouse click, it will show you as inactive for that specified amount of time and report it to your supervisor.

France-based Teleperformance said it “trusts its staff” in a released statement

“So don’t get in the way of your productivity.”

British clients include the government, the RAF and the Royal Navy.

A company spokesperson said: ‘[The system was installed] to respond to the overwhelming concerns of isolation, lack of team involvement and support, not seeing someone overnight, raised by those at home.

“We absolutely trust that they do their job in a professional manner.”