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Calisto Protocol is getting a new feature that will make Dead Space fans smile – WhatsNew2Day


Callisto Protocol clearly borrows more from Dead Space with its latest update.

The new Callisto Protocol update with the number 5.01 weighs 12 GB on your Internet line and still only brings two real changes with himself. But they definitely have it all.

Great role model once again…

Godfather for a feature of the patch is – how could it be otherwise – Dead Space, it was general inspiration for the game itself, past some developers and with the remake even competition. The Dismemberment fashion can be considered as a kind of easy mode with dead space borrowings.

  • On the one hand you cause massive damage with every hit, whether in close combat or with firearms, and on the other hand…
  • each hit amputates body parts – like the weapon-repurposed cutting tools in Dead Space.
  • But: You cannot earn any achievements or trophies due to the much lower level of difficulty due to the strengthening of your own attacks.

At Dismemberment It is a game variant like Normal and the harder alternative that has been available for some time. So you select them in the same place when you start a new game.

No further optimization: In the meantime, something has happened in terms of technology, but to this day the game does not have support for technologies that are now increasingly common on the market, such as DLSS or FSR for upscaling and thus for performance gains. Our test video also explains why the title sometimes falters in its gameplay.

The Callisto Protocol - Dead Space Killer Failed Test Video - Dead Space Killer Failed Test Video

FYNG CAGGTUS Which co op or multiplayer title should we play.svg


The Callisto Protocol – Dead Space Killer Failed Test Video – Dead Space Killer Failed Test Video

Cutscenes take time… no more!

For anyone who has wished they could skip the cutscenes since their first steps in Callisto Protocol, rejoice: the patch adds this very feature. According to their Twitter post, the developers want to further speed up speed runs and generally improve replayability.

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Of course, you can find more articles about the remake of the great role model here on GameStar:

What do you think of Callisto Protocol? Do you like the graphically impressive third-person horror title or are you simply too disappointed with the gameplay or the technical implementation? Do you like the new mode or could it even make you buy the title? Write us your thoughts and assessment of the situation around the Dead Space successor in spirit in the comments!

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