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California teen and brother identified as victims of fatal mountain lion attack

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California teen and brother identified as victims of fatal mountain lion attack

In a tragic incident that took place in the remote foothills of Northern California, a 21-year-old man was killed by a mountain lion attack, while his 18-year-old brother suffered serious injuries. The event occurred near Georgetown in El Dorado County, a place known for its natural beauty but also for the presence of wildlife, including mountain lions.

The youths were in the area looking for detached antlers when they encountered the cougar. The attack prompted the 18-year-old to make an urgent call to El Dorado County Sheriff’s Officereporting the incident and expressing concern for his brother, from whom he had been separated during the ordeal.

Responding to the call, sheriff’s deputies arrived at the scene shortly after 1:30 p.m. They first found his younger brother, tending to his facial injuries, which were described as traumatic. The search for the older brother led agents to a heartbreaking sight: They found him on the ground with the cougar still hovering over him, he reported. the New York Post.

In an attempt to rescue the victim, the agents fired their firearms in order to scare away the predator. The cougar momentarily placed itself between the officers and the victim before ultimately fleeing the scene. Despite his efforts to save him, the older brother was found dead, via CBS News.

Following the attack, specialists from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife were sent to the area, along with a trapper from El Dorado County. They successfully located the puma responsible for the attack, which was subsequently euthanized to prevent further incidents.

The identities of the brothers involved in this tragic event have not been revealed to the public. Additionally, there have been no further updates on the condition of the younger brother who survived the attack. Georgetown, the city near where the attack occurred, is a small historic community with just over 2,000 residents, located approximately 50 miles northeast of Sacramento. This incident marks a rare case of mountain lion attacks on humans in the area.

According to records maintained by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, there have been nearly two dozen such attacks since the mid-1980s, with the last fatal incident occurring in Orange County in 2004. This recent tragedy underscores the unpredictable nature of wildlife encounters and the importance of using caution in areas known to be inhabited by predators such as mountain lions.

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