California State Assembly arrested after 7-year-old smacks hit store

<pre><pre>California State Assembly arrested after 7-year-old smacks hit store

The assembler of the state of California, Joaquin Arambula (D), was arrested earlier this week after allegations of child abuse after he said that he had punished his 7-year-old daughter with a beating.

Arambula said that earlier this week he had beaten his eldest child because she was fighting & # 39; & # 39 ;.

"We have nights where we can get overwhelmed, that night was a night she acted," Arambula told CBS News.

His daughter told her teacher about the incident the next morning.

After school directors noticed a wound on the young girl's body, they allegedly called Child Protective Services, who shortly afterwards removed three of Arambula's children from his home.

"She was really angry that he had beaten her, she got angry and she went to school angrily and she wanted to be heard", said the wife of Arambula, Elizabeth.

Arambula was later arrested on suspicion of 'intentional cruelty to a child', which is a crime.

Although Arambula said that he had only smashed his daughter on the buttocks, police commissioner Jerry Dyer told CBS News from CBS: "In this case the injury is not on the buttocks."

Lawyers representing Arambula went for the comments of Dyer in a statement to The Fresno Bee.

"It is disappointing that Chief Dyer has come to the media to try this case in the court of public opinion … We have proposed to meet representatives of the … prosecutor so that relevant information can be presented, "Read the statement.

Although the punishment of children as punishment is legal in the United States, it becomes a crime if courts consider it excessive, usually if a child sustains physical injury.

Arambula, a certified doctor, says that he is innocent.

"I am a natural healer, I am a doctor and it is not my nature to be really assertive and aggressive," Arambula told CBS News.

The children of Arambula were returned to his home after home delivery, and decided that there were no concerns about abuse.

Arambula can sit in prison for a year if he is convicted.

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