Cafes, clubs and shops will reopen once NSW reaches 70 percent Covid-19 vaccination rate

NSW residents will finally be able to access pubs and shops in mid-October under plans being drawn up by the state government.

Deputy Prime Minister John Barilaro is working on a plan to return liberties to fully vaccinated residents once 70 percent have been stung, a target expected to be reached within six weeks.

On Monday morning, Mr Barilaro said the first steps would be to dine alfresco and allow pubs and shops to reopen.

He also mentioned clubs, but it’s unlikely he was referring to nightclubs, which are considered risky.

“In that 70 percent low-risk area, which we should get to about mid-October, we can go back to things like alfresco dining, you might want to look at pubs, clubs, cafes and the reopening of shops,” he said. he. said Sunrise.

“But you’ve put in a lot of Covid measures like the four square meter rule, wearing masks, social distancing. So those are the kinds of things we look at.’

Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian said the planning for reopening the economy was going well.

‘We are also doing well in terms of planning for our roadmap,’ she said on Monday.

“We want citizens and industry to start developing Covid safety plans to ensure they are fully vaccinated,” she said.

‘You have to check in, prove that you have been vaccinated, demonstrate social distancing, in certain settings you have to wear a face mask.

“At 70 percent double dose, life will be better than it is now – that said, we’ll make sure we never have settings that affect our [health] system and that is the absolute challenge.’

NSW registered 1,290 new cases on Monday as the outbreak that began on June 16 continues to grow.

There are currently 840 Covid-19 cases hospitalized, with 137 people in intensive care, 48 of whom need ventilators.

Maddie Pierce delivers takeaway food at Flying Elephant cafe in Northern NSW's Coolangatta

Maddie Pierce delivers takeaway food at Flying Elephant cafe in Northern NSW’s Coolangatta

Pictured: Staff arriving Monday at RPA Hospital in Camperdown

Pictured: Staff arriving Monday at RPA Hospital in Camperdown

Pictured: Staff arriving Monday at RPA Hospital in Camperdown

Mr Barilaro said further freedoms will be returned once 80 percent of residents have been fully stabbed, which is expected to be in November.

Last week, Ms Berejiklian announced that most double-punch Sydneysiders will be allowed to gather outside with five people from 13th September.

But those who live in 12 areas with high virus rates in the West and Southwest are only allowed to go out with their household for an hour.

Residents can prove their vaccination status using the Medicare app on their phone.

In the face of a steadily growing outbreak, the government has abandoned its goal of reducing Covid cases to zero, instead focusing on increasing vaccination rates.

“A meal with loved ones or a drink with friends is just around the corner, but to get there we need to keep up the momentum in the rollout of vaccinations,” said Mr Barilaro.

The plan is in line with the national reopening plan that will phase out the lockdown in two phases when 70 and 80 percent of people over 16 are vaccinated.

The rates of 70 and 80 percent were determined by the Doherty Institute, which found that if optimal testing and tracing is maintained, there would be only 88 Covid hospitalizations, 21 ICU admissions and 13 deaths nationally in the six months after the percentage of 70 percent has been pricked. reaches.

Some states threaten to keep their borders closed or demand higher jab rates before lifting lockdowns, raising prospects that Australia will remain a divided country for months to come

Covid-free Queensland and Western Australia both demanded new modeling to account for NSW’s recent high caseload – but the scientists came back with the same conclusion that opening with 70 per cent stabbed is safe.

Federal ministers, eager to revive the economy and give Australians their lives back, have pressured states to stick to the plan by writing opin-ons in local newspapers and threatening to cut funding to reluctant governments .

Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews, who was initially cautious about opening up, has endorsed the plan and has increasingly moved away from his Covid elimination rhetoric, acknowledging that Victorians will have to live with the virus – and South Australia has it too. plan supported.

What are the four stages of opening?

A. Vaccinating, preparing and testing (from 14 July)

Arrival caps halved to 3,035 per week; early, severe and short lockdowns if outbreaks occur; trials of seven-day home quarantine for vaccinated arrivals in South Australia; medicare vaccination certificates available in apps like Apple Wallet

B. Post-vaccination phase (when 70 percent will be stung, expected by the end of this year)

Lockdowns less likely but possible; vaccinated people face reduced disabilities; limits for unvaccinated arrivals increased; a larger limit for vaccinated arrivals with ‘reduced quarantine requirements’; limited entry for students and economic visa holders

C. Consolidation Phase (when 80 percent is pricked, time not announced)

Only ‘highly targeted’ lockdowns; lifting of all outbound travel restrictions for vaccinated travellers; no limits for vaccinated arrivals; increased limits for students and visa holders; more travel bubbles arise with countries like Singapore; booster shots rolled out

D. Final phase (percentage or time not disclosed)

Unlimited arrivals for vaccinated people without any quarantine and unlimited arrivals for unvaccinated people with pre-departure and on-arrival testing