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Cabin crew reveal the three most ‘rude and obnoxious’ things passengers do


Cabin crew reveals the three most ‘rude and annoying’ things passengers do

  • A flight attendant has advised customers on how to call for staff on board
  • They say passengers should never touch or yell at staff to get their attention

A few flight attendants shared three things you should never do to get their attention on a flight.

Delta flight attendant Kat Kamalani said pressing the call button at the wrong time could pose a “huge safety problem.”

Not only that, she shared in a TikTok video, “It drives flight attendants crazy,” and you may get worse service.

Flight attendants warn against pressing the call button for a drink and advise using it only for emergencies as staff are prepared for the worst

In a travel blog for The sunanother The flight attendant claimed that staff disliked the call button and advised passengers to use it only in an emergency.

They said, “Every time someone pushes the button, it could be for a drink, or just as easily for a medical emergency.”

They shared that flight attendants should act quickly every time they hear the signal and are often prepared for the worst-case scenario.

The flight attendant said a better way to get their attention would be to approach them.

“That way we don’t load the plane back and forth and react like someone could have a heart attack when all they need is a beer,” they said.

However, they also warned that passengers should never touch staff, and that most flight attendants would only rarely accept a gentle tap.

“I’ve been poked, prodded and even pinched before and it’s really out of the question at all,” they said.

The flight attendant suggested using something else to get their attention, even whistling and clicking.

Stewardess says yelling or touching staff is generally unacceptable.

Stewardess says yelling or touching staff is generally unacceptable.

However, being rude and yelling is generally not accepted by the staff.

‘You must not yell at us or treat us as if we were your servants. That is incredibly rude and unpleasant,” they said.

The flight attendant also said that parents traveling with young children should not let them play with the call button.

They advised there is an option to turn the button off so your child can play with it without disturbing the staff.

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