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BYD’s New Patent: Identifies Vein to Open the Door


On March 24th, the patent of “Vein Identification Device and Vehicle” used by BYD Corporation Limited Co., Ltd. was licensed today. After asking to the China National Intellectual Property Administration, it was discovered that the energy design licensed by BYD this time is really a vein acknowledgment gadget and car, IThome reported.

The gadget generally consists of 3 modules: Firstly, the infrared acquisition module is utilized to obtain the vein picture of the hand. The vein acknowledgment module is linked with the infrared acquisition module, which is utilized for acknowledging the vein functions after getting the images, and sets off a door control direction after identifying that the vein functions are legal. The power module is linked with infrared acquisition module and vein acknowledgment module for power supply. By embracing a vein acknowledgment gadget, the control of automobile can be made more individual by method of a bio-key.

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No other automobile business has actually presented such a function as vein acknowledgment to open an automobile. If BYD’s a trademarked innovation prospers in application, it will bring a far more safe and individual experience to automobile ownership.

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