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BYD Invests in Chip Startup Kunlunxin


In 2023, Chinese car manufacturer BYD is concentrated on broadening into international markets and improving its technological abilities. Kunlunxin, a chip business in Chinahas actually revealed that BYD had actually turned into one of its brand-new investors.

Kunlunxin’s authorized capital just recently increased from 17.6777 million yuan ($2,569,064) to 17.8525 million yuan ($2,594,468), with BYD now owning 0.33% of the business’s shares.

Developed in June 2011, Kunlunxin was previously called Baidu‘s Smart Chip and Architecture Department. Baidu is still its present biggest investor with a shareholding ratio of 70.87%. According to its main site, Kunlunxin finished a fundraising round in April 2021 with an assessment of about 13 billion yuan ($1.89 billion).

Kunlunxin produced its first-generation AI chip in 2020 and released over 20,000 of them in Baidu‘s online search engine, voice assistant, and other operations. It is the only cloud AI chip in China that has actually gone through comprehensive screening with massive algorithms. In August 2021, Kunlunxin started mass-producing its second-generation AI chip, which boasts a two-to-three fold efficiency improvement compared to the first-generation chip.

As electrical automobiles end up being more smart, especially with concerns to automated driving abilities, more considerable needs are put on their computing power. This requires not just that vehicle business obtain advanced innovation, however likewise that they obtain reputable providers. Over the previous 2 years, chip scarcities have actually afflicted the Chinese vehicle market. Even now, leading vehicle business are still running under minimized production volumes due to inadequate chip supply.

In 2021, BYD’s semiconductor subsidiary invested 5 billion yuan ($726 million) to get Energen Semiconductor, a wafer factory. In 2022, BYD purchased 2 digital signal processor chip makers.

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In addition, BYD has actually worked together with Nvidia and Horizon Robotics in the chip domain. According to the strategy, BYD automobiles geared up with Horizon Robotics’ Journey 5 chip will introduce in mid-2023. Journey 5 is Horizon Robotics’ 3rd generation auto-grade chip, with a single chip having AI calculating power of approximately 128TOPS. Beginning in H1 2023, some brand-new BYD vehicles will be equipped with the Nvidia Drive Hyperion platform for smart driving and parking abilities.

In 2022, BYD offered 1,863,500 automobiles, representing a substantial achievement arising from the business’s benefits in production effectiveness and expense management. BYD has yet to stand out in smart innovations, even with its top-selling designs. The business is currently concentrated on quickly closing the space in this location.

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