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BVB Star Bellingham Admits Mistake: “Too Arrogant”


Jude Bellingam spoke honest words before the exciting title fight between BVB and FC Bayern. The young Dortmund leader admitted to making mistakes shortly before the district derby against Bochum on Friday (8:30 p.m.).

For Jude Bellingham, the perceived defeat at VfB Stuttgart (3-3) has led to a rethink, as he admitted in an interview with “bundesliga.com” after the brilliant 4-0 win against Eintracht Frankfurt. “I think we needed a game like this,” said the 19-year-old.

Because: The team was only able to flip a switch when the victory was handed out – BVB led 2-0 against the relegation candidate in the majority. “I think we were a bit arrogant and overestimated ourselves,” admitted Bellingham.

The Englishman has also been repeatedly accused in recent weeks of showing a certain arrogance towards the opponent and even towards his own teammates.

Against Eintracht Frankfurt, BVB “showed that we can be determined and hold a lead.” Jude Bellingham was one of the central figures as the scorer of the interim 1-0.

Bellingham on BVB fans: “It was incredible”

“The win could have been even better, to be honest. We made a difficult game look easy,” said the Borussia midfield star. If BVB manages to “play at the highest level”, you are always a “very difficult opponent to play against”.

An additional factor was the support of the fans. “The stadium was louder than it’s been since I’ve been a Dortmund player. The fans were unbelievable,” said Bellingham, who celebrated the lead in the table with his team-mates in front of the south stand after the win.

Five games before the end of the season, Jude Bellingham now has the chance to break FC Bayern’s championship streak with Borussia Dortmund. “None of us dreams of being top after matchday 29. The dream is to be top after matchday 34,” Bellingham said.

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