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BVB-Aus? Insider gives Reus forecast


According to us, Marco Reus’ stay at Borussia Dortmund is not a sure thing. However, an insider thinks he knows the tendency of the BVB captain, whose contract is expiring.

“It looks like Easter will be approaching in the next few days. The trend at Reus is still clearly in the direction of extension. I do think he’s showing insight and will accept the one year he’s been offered,” said “Sport1 “-Reporter Patrick Berger in the podcast “Die Dortmund-Woche” with a view to the contract negotiations between the two parties.

“Sky” had previously reported that the Reus side and BVB had recently approached each other. Allegedly, the 33-year-old will only get an annual salary of around six million euros in the future. So far, Reus has received a whopping twelve million euros as the top earner in the BVB squad. “He can’t get to these dimensions anymore,” Berger speculated.

But Reus is an “identification figure in Dortmund and his jerseys are best sellers, that’s one thing,” said the BVB expert. “On the other hand, Marco Reus can still decide games on his own. It is important what the modalities look like in the end, the duration, the salary.”

BVB: Marco Reus’ performance against FC Bayern “very disappointing”

There is said to have been no change of opinion within the BVB management level when it came to extending the contract after Reus’ poor performance in the top game at Bayern.

“The performance was very disappointing. As a leader and captain, you can expect more from Reus. He remains absolutely gifted in football and has a very high standing in the dressing room. But in the end, in the all-or-nothing games, he’s just not enough there,” said Berger nevertheless.

The journalist said that other supposed BVB leaders such as Emre Can or substitute Mats Hummels “didn’t really raise their voices” in the 2: 4 dismantling in Munich.

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