Buying guide for shoes


Your shoes can be your best friend or the worst enemy if you have not chosen the right shoes, in this regard you may have to struggle a lot. I have met people, who are very confused about their feet type and the shoe.

shoes seem to fit only in fat and bug feet. For this reason, it is important to seek out reviews online on the best shoes for your type of feet. You can get all the essential details on the best footwear in different categories on ShoeAdviser

The issue is not in the shoes, instead it is in the buyer or the manufacturing companies, most manufacturing companies tend to focus on the designs of the shoes and boots and they did not really pay any heed to the shape and type of the shoes, for example people on one hand will look up to contemporary shoe store when they are looking for slip on work boots.

Moreover, manufacturers do not really bother for the thickness of the feet, some people have got very delicate and thin feet, but big sized shoes seem to fit only in fat and bug feet.

Here are some tips which and be followed while buying your favorite shoe.

1. The tracing

Many people think, that while buying their shoe they only need to visit by themselves, the Harvard institute of health says, that for buying a supportive and comfortable shoe, you must take a shoe of the same designs with you. this will help you in identifying the similar ones.

2. The socks

You must buy some socs from the same shoe store, this way your shoe and socks will adjust, ask the sellers to provide you socks for that shoe. Manufacturers now which socks is going to suit that shoe, buying it from another shoe store will not be of much help.

3. Measure your both feet

Measuring only a single shoe is not recommended, you must ask the salesperson to check both of your feet, because most of the times, one of your shoes gets swelled due to walking.

If in case there is a size difference then buy according to your feet sizes, of not hesitate for that, most sellers will say that it is not possible then explain the reason to them or do not buy at all.

4. The soles

Check the sols for your comfort sakes, you may like the designs and patterns on the shoe, but you must never compromise your comfort upon anything. Check if it’s easy to walk with, tell the shopkeeper if it is not smooth or have ridges.

Try to walk while wearing those shoes, especially on the hard surfaces so that you may get to know the strength of those soles.

5. The insides

Check the insides before picking up, while you wear them, pay especially attention to how does your feet feel when they are inside it. if something is itchy tell the seller and remove it or fix it.