Buying a New Car? Enhance its Security with a GPS Tracker for Car in India

A car is a valuable asset for people, and more than its monetary value, people are emotionally attached to it. And that is why they try to maintain their car in the best possible condition and are always bothered about its safety. 

However, with an increase in the percentage of car commuters, rash-driving, overspeeding, and vehicle-theft have become quite common. So, it becomes important to take strict security measures to properly safeguard your car against any possible damage. 

You can enhance the security of your car by investing in a GPS tracker for cars in India.

Couple in Car

What is a GPS Tracker?

Let us now talk about how a GPS tracker for car in India like KENT CamEye goes one step ahead in protecting you and your vehicle: 

  • Dual Cameras for real-time surveillance

Advanced GPS tracker for car like KENT CamEye comes with dual cameras that have both audio and video capabilities to offer

  • Live-Video Streaming

The dual camera set-up will provide live-video streaming of either inside and outside views. Using the same screen, the user can easily monitor the real-time location. It allows you to stream high-quality video with 4x digital zoom. 

  • Time-Lapse Video Recording Option

Night vision enabled camera will allow the user to record videos of both outside and inside views, along with an audio recording. 

  • Download the Recorded Time-Lapse Videos

As per your convenience, you can easily download the recorded videos or images of a trip. 

  • Face Recognition Technology

Using face recognition technology, you can easily identify the person sitting in the driver’s seat. The AI-based face recognition feature helps you to identify the driver in the car, making sure that no unknown person boards your car. You will be immediately notified whenever a non-whitelisted person drives your car. 

  • 2-Way Communication

KENT CamEye comes with a unique 2 way calling feature. Using an in-built mic and speaker, you can talk back and forth to the person behind the wheel. Using this feature, there is no need for the driver to reach out for his mobile; this prevents distractions that are a leading cause of road accidents. It can also be helpful when you want to rectify the behaviour of the driver or reach him in case of emergencies such as car breakdown. 

  • Real-Time Alerts

With this car camera, you will be instantly notified whenever your car breaks pre-defined parameter limits. Check for the following alerts: 

  • Geo-Fencing Alert 

This feature helps in creating visual boundaries around an area; it helps in defining the usual places where the car is supposed to go. It also helps in preventing your chauffeurs from taking intentional or accidental detours. 

  • Unknown Driver Detection Alert

You will receive an alert if a non-whitelisted person is detected in the driver’s seat. Using this feature, you can match the face of the driver against the list of familiar faces added to the account. 

  • Engine Idling Alert

In case the engine of your car remains idle for a certain period, you will be notified about the same. This will help you in saving fuel and maintenance costs. 

  • AC On Alert

This alert is triggered when the car heating/cooling is switched On while your car is parked. 

Using these features, you can enhance the security of your car. Securing your vehicle and safeguarding your loved ones when they travel in it can be done with the help of KENT CamEye. Amongst the plethora of options to choose from, opt for this product that comes from one of India’s most cherished and reputable brands. It is a device that is much more advanced when compared to other tracking devices in India. It is a 4 G-enabled device that helps in uploading real-time data including recorded videos and audio on a cloud-based server. It is an advanced car security device that offers 360-degree protection.