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Businessman lost 10 kg and got a six pack without doing crunches

A businessman who felt ‘lost’ as he approached 40, struggling with low energy and confidence, has revealed how his life changed, losing 10kg in the process.

Stephen Mix drank almost every night, had Deliveroo on speed dial, and ate cheese-based pasta dishes most days, sometimes twice a day.

But as his birthday approached, the businessman realized he needed to shake things up.

Stephen, who said he “had a father’s body without even having kids,” decided to sign up for a 12-week intensive training program at Roar Fitness in London.

Eating a high-protein diet and lifting weights, he quickly noticed the change and has now maintained his lithe physique, entering his 40s with a newfound joie de vivre.

And then!  Stephen on a nimble 70 kg

Before and after: Stephen Mix decided he was going to undergo a drastic transformation when he turned 40

Stephen shows off the results of his hard work with Roar experts James Castle Mason, left, and Jack Pressling, right

Stephen shows off the results of his hard work with Roar experts James Castle Mason, left, and Jack Pressling, right

Stephen signed up for the transformation into Roar in June 2022.

In just three months, the 5ft 11in Stephen went from nearly 80.8kg to a nimble 70kg.

He told MailOnline: ‘It had reached a point where it had been inactive for some time. I sold my business, I was traveling, having fun, not exercising enough, eating too much.

“As I approached 40 I began to realize that I was getting very fat, my lifestyle was not very healthy and I needed a change.

‘I decided that an intensive training program would be right for me. The Roar guys were very supportive of me and I was really up for it.

‘The timing was right – I was ready to commit and I was lucky to be in the right place. Also, my partner was doing a similar program, so we worked together.

‘It was a bit of a shock to the system – my lifestyle was completely changed as I had to prepare three meals a day while planning my week – but I really benefited from that structure.

“Other parts of my life had to be structured as well, I organized everything around training and cooking for myself.”

Stephen trained three times a week at Roar’s gym in Kensington with personal trainer Jack Pressling, as well as taking a minimum of 10,000 steps a day.

She did the show for 12 weeks, starting the day before her 40th birthday.

But to get the results she wanted, she had to give up alcohol, takeout, and cheesy pasta meals.

Stephen added: “I almost completely hit my head with drinking – I used to drink beer or wine four or five nights a week, so it had a massive impact on my weight.”

‘My social life was affected by the plan, but for the right reasons. I quickly noticed an improvement in my well-being, sleep, concentration, positivity and energy; I just felt good about life.’

Stephen before

Stephen after

In just three months, the 5ft 11in Stephen went from nearly 80.8kg to a nimble 70kg.

The businessman had been enjoying traveling and eating what he wanted before deciding to change everything.

The businessman had been enjoying traveling and eating what he wanted before deciding to change everything.

Now Stephen, who runs a financial charity, maintains his new, lean physique by working out three times a week and trying to keep up with 10,000 steps a day.

He added: “Now I’m maintaining my weight, I eat about 2,500 calories a day, but I’ve kept it high in protein, which fills me up and feels like a really sustainable way to eat.”

“I take care of my diet and now I am much more aware of my caloric intake, of having proteins and vegetables, and of the amount of food that I am eating.

‘Before, I used to cook half a bag of pasta for one meal. But now I have learned what a portion is.

“Although the program was intensive, you get the useful tools you need to embrace and adapt to your lifestyle and make it work for the long term.”

Before starting the Roar plan, Stephen would skip breakfast and eat heavy pasta-based dishes up to twice a day.

On the show, I ate an omelet or steak and eggs for breakfast on training days followed by chicken, salmon, or white fish with lots of salad and vegetables and brown rice for lunch and dinner, or a stir-fry.

He added: ‘The biggest change was in my gut. Suddenly I was able to get into my pants. But on top of that, my skin improved, especially the dark circles around my eyes, a combination of the nutrients from the food, and better sleep.

‘I lost weight, I was wider and wider in my shoulders and chest, but thinner at the waist, more of a V shape. My posture also changed and I was thinner in the face.’

Stephen and Jack worked large muscle groups (back, chest, and legs) doing exercises like deadlifts and chest presses before concentrating on specific exercises to shed fat from the entire body.

Before, Stephen did little exercise and no strength training.

After: The 40-year-old completely changed his physique and found his mood and energy improved as a result.

The 40-year-old completely changed his physique and found that his mood and energy improved as a result.

“We did a lot of super sets that were more aerobic and really get the heart rate up. It was very strenuous – my heart was pounding and Jack kept up the workouts too,” Stephen added.

‘There were a lot of dead weights and on legs and shoulders it would kill me. I barely did crunches.

“Then all of a sudden, after eight or nine weeks, a six-pack showed up.”

Stephen added: ‘It was life changing. She had done a lot of self-examination and personal development work.

‘But this really helped me unlock another level. My mental well-being, energy, and focus were much better.

Even how I would interact with people: I would have more focus and commitment when I talk to someone.

“But ultimately, I think it was a lot of teamwork – I couldn’t have done it without Jack and the team.”

Roar Fitness He has gyms in London and Dubai and classes in Kensington and online.

Roar Fitness is owned by former Olympian and PT to the stars, Sarah Lindsay, who is regularly seen at the gym putting Pixie Lott, Vogue Williams and Graham Norton to the test.



LUNCH: Sandwich, baguette or pasta

DINNER: Pasta or Deliveroo takeaway, followed by wine or beer


BREAKFAST: protein shake or eggs

LUNCH: Chicken or fish with pasta

DINNER: Protein with vegetables – pasta with cheese when I feel like it

A vodka and soda and lime or beer


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