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Evergreen are gathered on a hillside in southern Hawke's Bay

Evergreen are gathered on a hillside in southern Hawke’s Bay
Image: RNZ/ Kate Newton

Some fairly big modifications will require to be made to the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), an economic expert states.

The ETS is the federal government’s primary tool for cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

The Ministry for the Environment stated it would evaluate the ETS, to see if modifications were required to offer a more powerful reward for services to move far from nonrenewable fuel sources, while likewise supporting greenhouse gas eliminations.

No particular strategies have actually been proposed however ANZ farming economic expert Susan Kilsby stated the present system motivated balancing out by planting trees, instead of minimizing contamination.

“In New Zealand our ETS is rather distinct that we in fact consist of forestry in it. In a lot of parts of the world it’s simply concentrating on decreasing gross emissions,” she stated.

“It’s been determined that at the minute it’s more affordable and simpler for business to buy forestry instead of buying options that would minimize their own emissions.”

Land conversion was another problem, where farms were being transformed to forestry, Kilsby stated.

“They have actually recognized that under the existing setting we would see someplace in between 410,000 and 670,000 hectares of land transformed into forestry by 2035, that’s about 2000 farms,” she stated.

She thought modifications were most likely to deal with such concerns, although stated they might take place over an extended period of time.

“I believe it’s clear that the existing system isn’t working especially well so some fairly big modifications will most likely require to be made.”

Kilsby stated while modifications to the ETS were likely, it might occur over an extended period.

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