Business Technology For Small Business Owners

Small business owners have a long to-do list by mere definition of their role.  When you own your own business, there is no day when you don’t have something you could be doing.  

Luckily, technology has evolved to become quite the helper.  In lue of hiring ten professionals, the right tech tools can grant you the ability to do the work of several people from the comfort of your home.  

The key to successful business tech is research.  You may also need strong IT management services to keep all of your gadgets and gizmos in working order.  Take some time now to research a few tech solutions for small business owners, and start your operation on the road to long term success.  


Taking notes is a must when you’re a small business owner.  The life of an entrepreneur is busy and filled with many tasks that cannot be forgotten.  Evernote is the perfect note-keeping tool to help you keep all your ideas, to-dos, and other enlightening information in one place.  


Gathering all the necessary information to prepare an adequate expense report is a tedious process.  However, Expensify is a life-saving solution to your challenge. When tax season arrives, you’ll have the upper hand with the help of Expensify.  


Dropbox is your new tech-savvy filing cabinet for your virtual office.  Any of your professionals can easily access, store, and manage stored files from any digital device at any time with the help of Dropbox.  Trash all those loose-memory storage devices, and simplify your life with Cloud technology. 


Digital marketing today should always include the integration of social media tools.  When you have more than just a few social media profiles to maintain, consolidating the platforms seems like a sound solution.  Hootsuite is built to do just that.  

The Hootsuite platform allows users to access all of their various social media interfaces from the convenience of one program.  If you’re tired of wasting time logging in and logging out only to do the same thing again tomorrow, then you need Hootsuite.  


Email marketing is still quite effective, and MailChimp is a tech tool built to streamline the process for business owners.  Consolidate various steps in your journey, and send out exciting content on a regular basis.  

Pomodoro Timer

If you’re looking to boost your productivity as a business owner, you should invest some time in the Pomodoro Timer.  The program breaks your workday down into strict intervals to help assure that you’re making adequate progress with the time you have.  


If your business is a collaborative effort, Trello will give you and your fellow professionals a centralized location for all their project ideas and progress management.  

Make prioritized listings for project steps and goals in plain sight of all of your professionals.  Trello will be a company-wide hit that will bring a new level of order to your operation with little effort.