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Business owner says trolls compare her to a HORSE because of her teeth

A woman who shelled out £4,000 on a new set of teeth in Turkey says online trolls are comparing her to a horse because of the size of her pearly whites.

Business owner Kellie Swanton, from Hitchin, Hertfordshire, flew to Turkey in February to have her new gnashers done, dipping into her savings for the procedure she had waited for years after vicious bullying.

During the six days the 27-year-old spent in Turkey, she documented her path to new teeth, and her TikTok posts went viral.

Kelliw Swanton said trolls have been cruel and compared their teeth to horse teeth online

Kelliw Swanton said trolls have been cruel and compared their teeth to horse teeth online

But nasty strangers online have misled her about her new look, with some even comparing her to a horse.

“I have been told that I look like a horse and that they are not well shaped and do not fit in my mouth properly,” he said.

“They also said I should get my money back, my teeth were going to fall out and they’re too long, people would make really unnecessary comments.”

“In the end I just ended up filtering the comments, I feel like if you allow people to do hate, you allow the platform to do so, so I took away their opportunity to spread hate.”

“I’ve also had a lot of people telling me they like them and being very positive, which is great.”

Kellie has been struggling with her teeth since childhood after the braces she was fitted with failed to correct the problem.

“My teeth have never been good, it’s my family genetics,” he said. ‘I was bullied at school for so long. I got braces when I was 12 but they failed.’

The procedure, which took place over the course of three days, involved filing down Kellie’s teeth to make way for ten porcelain crowns on the top and bottom of her teeth.

Kellie said she was bullied at school because of her teeth

She said she feels more confident thanks to the procedure ahead of her wedding later this year.

Kellie shelled out £4,000 to have a set of porcelain crowns on the top and bottom row of teeth.

“I have ten porcelain crowns on the upper set of teeth and ten on the lower set,” he said. ‘I also had root canals done in Turkey in the procedure.

‘In total it took three days. On the first day, my teeth were filed and my teeth were ready.

‘I also had a root canal done, as well as whitening and peeling. They then placed two sets of temporary teeth which were like false teeth which I wore for two days while the crowns were made from the molds taken.

‘The second trip was when I had the porcelain crowns fitted and the final trip was just a check to make sure they were in place correctly.

‘It ended up being more of a holiday than just going for the procedure, it wasn’t as long as I thought it would be.

‘I opted for porcelain crowns instead of veneers, for me this was the best option. My natural teeth were filed down to fit the crowns on them.’

Kellie, who is getting married this year, said she opted for the procedure because she didn’t want to feel the need to hide her teeth on her big day and look at the wedding photos with regret.

He decided to document his trip to let people who may be thinking of doing the same know about the process.

Kellie used TikTok to document her journey and hopes it will help others think about having the procedure.

Kellie used TikTok to document her journey and hopes it will help others think about having the procedure.

“I found that TikTok really helped me decide what to buy and get a better idea of ​​how it all works, so I wanted to do the same with my journey and help people get more real-life insights into what’s going on,” she said. . .

“I just can’t believe that people are giving their negative opinions. They don’t think about how it would affect others, it’s easier said than done, but you have control over how you react to other people’s comments.

‘I’m not responding aggressively or hatefully, but I’m sure they have better things to do than give their negative opinions.

‘This is not new to me, I had a horrible time at school but now that I’m older I’m much wiser and I deal with things like this differently now.

It could have crippled me, but either you let it break you or you let it make you stronger.

‘I hope I can help people who are also subject to online abuse. I want you to know that the bully’s comments don’t define you and don’t let his comments become the center of his universe.’

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