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Business groups say no to con-con


6 business stated changing the Constitution is a “possibly disruptive proposition at a time when the nation might be poised to restore its financial momentum.”

In a joint declaration launched on Friday, the Filipina CEO Circle, Financial Executives Institute of the Philippines, Justice Reform Initiative, Makati Business Club, Philippine Women’s Economic Network Inc., and Women Business Council Philippines stated enacted laws such as the general public Service Act, Retail Trade Liberalization Act, the Foreign Investment Act, the passage of the Rice Trade Liberalization Act, and guidelines like the Department of Energy (DoE) circular permitting 100 percent foreign ownership in the renewable resource sector “can speed up healing and task development at a time when the Philippines and the world face severe financial headwinds.”

The groups stated the federal government’s efforts to modify the Charter’s financial arrangements might be thwarted by “political argument.”

“The perhaps prolonged and fractious procedure of modifying the Constitution might make financiers take a wait-and-see mindset for a prolonged time period and for that reason thwart the effect of the reforms,” they stated.

The groups stated the federal government should deal with passing a minimum of 2 more tax reform expenses and other procedures such as the Ease of Paying Taxes expense, rather of focusing on Charter modification.

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The cash invested to change the Constitution is “much better invested in pro-people programs,” they stated.

The National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) approximates that a constitutional convention would cost in between P14 billion and P28 billion.

In the expense proposing such an assembly, P10,000 each day is allocated for the 300 chosen and designated delegates.

“We think these funds can be much better utilized on farming to deal with the high inflation, transport to allow Filipinos to get to work and house in much less time, and required social services like health, education, and social security,” the companies kept in mind.

Your Home of Representatives has actually embraced House Bill 7352, which intends to modify the Constitution through a constituent convention or con-con, in which the general public chooses delegates who will prepare the brand-new charter.

On Friday, Speaker Ferdinand Martin Romualdez stated he wants to talk about alternatives for modifying the Constitution through a constituent assembly or con-ass, a procedure of Charter modification in which just Congress is empowered to change the Constitution.

“If the Senate desires a various mode, that is their discretion. Your home management, nevertheless, wants to open conversations with the Senate on their favored mode of changing the Constitution if that will result in an arrangement in between the 2 chambers,” Romualdez stated.

“We are open to thinking about any proposition of the Senate and will send such a proposition to members of your home. This was what I connected to [Leyte Fourth District] Rep. Richard Gomez when he notified me that senators are open to financial changes however through con-ass,” he stated.

Gomez previously stated Romualdez has actually accepted back the Senate’s effort for a constituent assembly.

Romualdez applauded Gomez and Sen. Robinhood Padilla for creating a contract in between your house and Senate on charter changes.

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