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Business & Commercial Legal Services To Expect From DIFC Lawyers


Are you looking for a legal team that can provide expertise in corporate and commercial law? If so, why not consider hiring DIFC lawyers?  DIFC lawyers possess an extensive understanding of the DIFC regulatory and legal framework. They offer specialized advice to a wide range of clients from private individuals to large corporations. They provide advice to clients on the applicable laws and regulations in Dubai, as well as help in the drafting of documents, contracts, and agreements.

DIFC lawyers adhere to a strict legal and regulatory framework, ensuring clients receive expert advice and representation of the highest quality, including rules on conflicts of interest, client confidentiality, and professional conduct.

If you would like to gain more insight into the work of DIFC lawyers, this article provides an overview of their main duties and obligations. For those unfamiliar with this profession, we will start by exploring the basics. So, let’s begin.

What is DIFC?

Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) is a government-owned free zone located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is an onshore financial hub that provides access to a range of financial services, including banking, securities trading, asset management, and insurance.

Who Are DIFC Lawyers?

  • DIFC lawyers play an important role in the legal landscape of Dubai as they are experts in providing legal advice to clients who have transactions within the DIFC.  
  • DIFC lawyers also provide advice and services to individuals who wish to open businesses in the DIFC, set up trusts and foundations, and resolve disputes. They also help with the formation of new companies, the transfer of assets, and the negotiation of contracts.

What Makes DIFC Lawyers Unique From Other Dubai Lawyers?

  • Lawyers practicing within the DIFC are regulated by the Dubai International Financial Centre Authority, whereas lawyers practicing in other areas of Dubai are regulated by the Dubai Legal Affairs Department. This means that DIFC lawyers are subject to a different set of laws and regulations than those practicing in other areas of Dubai.
  • Additionally, DIFC lawyers have access to a special court system that is designed to guarantee fairness and impartiality.
  • DIFC lawyers are qualified to practice in the DIFC courts, which are based on English Common Law. This means that DIFC lawyers are well-versed in both English Common Law and the laws of the UAE. So, they have the expertise in handling everything from corporate law to financial services and investment regulations. 

In comparison, lawyers practicing in other areas of Dubai are usually only qualified to practice in the UAE legal system. 

Key Areas Of Specialization For Difc Lawyers Include:

Legal Aspects Of Corporations:

Corporate legal matters are a major focus for lawyers practicing in the Dubai International Financial Centre. This includes services related to advising companies on their rights and obligations in relation to the formation of companies, mergers & acquisitions, and share issues. In addition, they provide advice and services related to the formation, restructuring, and dissolution of companies, as well as the management of corporate governance and compliance. 

Banking And Finance:

DIFC lawyers specialize in banking and finance law, providing legal advice on various matters such as loan agreements, mortgages, asset finance, corporate banking, Islamic finance, and capital markets. They also provide legal advice on regulatory issues related to the banking and finance industry, such as Anti-Money Laundering Regulations, sanctions compliance, and risk management.

Commercial Affairs:

DIFC lawyers can provide advice to customers on different types of business contracts, including supply agreements, distribution agreements, franchising agreements, and licensing agreements. They can also provide guidance on the intricacies of various business deals and ensure that their clients are properly represented and safeguarded.

Employment Laws:

DIFC lawyers are experts in dealing with issues concerning the employment of individuals. They are experienced in providing advice to both employers and employees concerning matters like wages and hours, collective bargaining, health and safety in the workplace, and any forms of discrimination. Furthermore, they also handle legal matters in regard to expatriates and foreign workers.

In addition to the examples listed, DIFC lawyers can provide a range of services tailored to their client’s needs and the expertise of the lawyers. For instance, DIFC Lawyers at Al Shamsi Legal specialize in the legal aspects of financial services, including banking and investments, corporate law, project finance, M&A, restructuring, and dispute resolution. 


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