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Burger King launches its own $5 meal and fans say it’s better than McDonald’s version

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Burger King launches its own $5 meal deal

Burger King is launching its own $5 meal deal, and it beats McDonald’s version in several key ways.

Chains are reeling from falling customer numbers as Americans, fed up with two years of price increases, stay away.

“We are bringing back our $5 ‘Food Your Way’ as agreed with our franchisees in April,” a BK spokesperson said. Its launch is scheduled for early June.

The Burger King deal would include a choice of one of three sandwiches with nuggets, fries and a drink.

The BK deal comes as McDonald’s plans a nearly identical $5 meal package starting June 25 for a month. Golden Arches customers will receive a McDouble or McChicken sandwich, fries, soda and four McNuggets.

But fast food fans say the BK deal has key advantages over its rival. It will be released soon, will last “several” months instead of just one, and is expected to be in almost all retailers.

Burger King launches its own $5 meal deal

DailyMail.com reported last week that not all McDonald’s restaurants will offer the deal, with those with higher labor and rental costs opting out.

We also told that the agreement will only last one month starting June 25, instead of the entire summer.

‘Burger King is king for a reason! “It’s great that it runs most of the summer, and I’ve heard it’s in all the restaurants, not just some,” said fast food fan Andrea Smith.

American fast food chains are in a fight to attract customers at a time when the cost of living crisis has forced them to eat more at home, prompting companies to focus on offering better promotions and deals to improve the traffic.

Wendy’s has launched a $3 breakfast, as the fast food price war appears to be heating up.

Burger King plans to maintain its offer for several months, according to the report, citing the memo. Meanwhile, the McDonald’s promotion would last about four weeks, Bloomberg News previously reported.

In addition to the $5 ‘Your Way Meal’, the Burger King chain is testing two other value platforms that could be ready in the second half of the year, according to the report.

McDonald’s missed profit estimates for the first time in two years in its latest quarter, and the company said consumers became “more demanding with every dollar they spend.”

By contrast, rival Restaurant Brands beat Wall Street expectations for quarterly results, driven by a revival in demand at its Burger King establishments.

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