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Bumble users can share their favorite artists with the new Spotify feature


Since 2016, Bumble members can too link their Spotify account to their profile. Now the dating app improves integration. Launched today, the new “Top artistsfeature pulls artists from a user’s top 50 on Spotify and displays the top 10 artists on their profile, showing a potential match which top artists they have in common.

Users can only see artists in common if a potential match has integrated their Spotify account. Moreover, if the potential match does not have the same top artists as the user, then the profile will look normal.

If Bumble users want to edit their top 50, they can go to the profile editor and hide top artists they don’t want to be visible. There is also a way to unlink the Spotify account to unsubscribe from the new feature. So if you’ve been listening to “The Muppet Show” soundtrack repeatedly, there’s a way to keep that a secret.

A majority of US users have linked their Spotify accounts to their profiles, with Gen-Zers using this feature the most compared to other generations, Bumble wrote in its announcement. In addition, users who linked Spotify are more likely to swipe right.

Music may not be considered a deal breaker for some people. However, in other cases, if the music preferences do not match, it can be difficult to find matches with another person. How often do you see a Swiftie (Taylor Swift fan) holding hands with a heavy metal fan? Let’s just say it’s probably rare. The Top Artists feature can help users identify shared interests.

“Despite the popular belief that opposites attract, research has consistently shown that having similarities in key areas, such as values ​​and lifestyles, is actually the key to a successful romantic relationship,” said Shan Boodram, a sex and sexuality expert. relationships at Bumble, in a statement.

“Discovering that you and a potential romantic partner like the same artist is a fun and quick way to establish common ground, plus it provides a natural follow-up to start other important conversations about each person’s priorities and passions, Boodram added.

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