Budget support for off-grid energy users was not discussed

Off-grid energy consumers left in the dark about budget aid: Chancellor Jeremy Hunt vowed to double aid to households using alternative fuels

Thousands of households without energy from the grid are in the dark about how they will get the aid pledged in this month’s Budget.

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt pledged to double support for households using alternative fuels such as heating oil, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and biomass. In September, these households were pledged £100 to help with bills. This was doubled by the Chancellor to £200, payable this winter.

Last week, more than 11.6 million pensioners began receiving up to £600 from the government to help with bills. Payments must arrive directly to bank accounts.

Not knowing which way to go: Chancellor Jeremy Hunt pledged to double aid to households using alternative fuels

But households that are off-grid and have no electricity supplier have yet to know when or how they will receive theirs. The Mail on Sunday has been inundated with messages from such readers.

Glenda and Neil Cruickshank, 79 and 82 respectively, live in a park house in Shropshire. They receive both their gas – LPG bottles – and electricity from their site owner, who has a contract with a supplier.

Glenda says, ‘My husband is type 1 diabetic so we need the support to keep our house warm. I was happy when the chancellor announced more help, but I just thought, can we have the first lot, please?’

A government spokesman said: ‘Whoever has no relationship with an electricity supplier will receive the alternative fuel allowance. We will confirm details on when this will be made shortly.”

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