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The budget is set for Monday, October 29 at 3:30 p.m. GMT.

In the most important speech of his year, Philip Hammond will announce the government plans for taxes and expenses for the financial year that begins in April 2019.

This budget is particularly important as it will be the last one before the UK officially leaves the EU on March 29, 2019.

The Treasury has said that the next budget will help "build a stronger and more prosperous economy."

What can we expect?


This budget is a few weeks earlier than usual, timed not to clash with the last month of Brexit negotiations in November.

However, this might not be ideal for Mr. Hammond: the budget is now on the heels of the Conservative Party conference, where Prime Minister Theresa May made the bold claim that austerity is coming to an end.

She said: "The British need to know that the end is in sight."

Now, the British will search the Treasury to tell them how this will be achieved.

That could put Mr. Hammond in a difficult situation, since he needs to raise extra money in some way.

And with the Brexit negotiations and divorce bills of more than £ 39 billion being quoted, it is not scheduled to be a particularly intense year ahead for the UK.


Then there's the NHS.

The government has committed to finding an additional £ 20 billion for the NHS by 2023.

The ministers have indicated that this will be financed in part by the increase in taxes, so all eyes are on the chancellor in search of a solution that does not paralyze the taxpayer.

Ms. May also announced during the conference that the loan limit for local councils wishing to build new homes would be eliminated.

This is desirable due to the shortage of housing, but could increase the national debt, so a Treasury solution is expected.


Of course, Brexit will be first on the agenda.

The preparation of the UK economy for the UK's exit from the EU will be crucial.

But much of the reality of the future economic situation will depend on what happens with an agreement, or not.

All this is out of Mr. Hammond's hands.

& # 39; NO TAXES & # 39;

The Chancellor establishes the so-called "taxes on sin" & # 39; about cigarettes and alcohol.

Therefore, at the end of the Budget day, any change in these rights will become effective and is likely to have an immediate impact on prices.

The chancellor has a special permission to drink alcohol during the speech, although the last one to do it was Kenneth Clarke, who took a whiskey.

Driving expenses

During the conference, Ms. Mat promised that the party will continue to freeze the fuel tasks for the ninth year in a row.

She said: "Some have wondered if this year our fuel would be frozen.

"Today I can confirm that in this month's budget, the Chancellor will refreeze the fuel service."


Hammond, in his conference speech, said he intended to impose a new "tax on digital services."

Since then, there have been reports that the Treasury plans to target advertising revenue from companies such as Facebook and Google.