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Bryce Young reacts with amusement to recurring topic.


Bryce Young is considered the hot contender for the first pick in this year’s NFL draft. His relatively short height of 1.78 meters has been a topic among fans and experts over the past few weeks. Now the quarterback has responded to the discussions.

Young wanted to answer a few questions about the upcoming NFL draft at a press conference on Wednesday. As expected, he had to take a stand on his height again. The 21-year-old greeted this ongoing topic with a smile.

“I focus on what I can control and I can’t grow. It doesn’t fall into that category. I can’t grow,” Young clarified. “I don’t know how to play the game any other way. I’ve been this big all my life compared to the other people around me.”

Critics fear that the future NFL quarterback’s size will make it difficult for him to look over his O-line and miss possible passes.

In college, however, Young didn’t seem to be lacking in perspective. In the last two years he has 79 touchdowns for the University of Alabama. In contrast, there are just twelve interceptions. After the 2021 season, unsurprisingly, he received the coveted Heisman Trophy for Best College Player.

NFL Draft 2023: Bryce Young will probably end up with the Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers, who hold the first pick after the trade with the Chicago Bears, seem to have completely convinced Young’s performance at university. As “ESPN” reporter Todd McShay announced on Tuesday, they are expected to pick the 21-year-old first in the NFL draft.

“Young is already her type for the first pick,” McShay quoted a source, adding, “I think it’s going to come down to CJ Stroud and Young.” Will Levis and Anthony Richardson, the other two top quarterbacks of this year, have therefore been deregistered from the Panthers.

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