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“Brutal” Attack on Former Formula 1 Star Revealed


Former Formula 1 driver Robert Doornbos was brutally attacked by two men in his Dutch homeland.

“It was violent,” the 41-year-old looked back at “De Telegraaf” and “RTL Boulevard” on the incident that had already occurred in Amsterdam in March, but has only now been made public for tactical reasons.

According to a police report, two robbers ambushed Doornbos on the night of March 17-18 at around 12:15 am when he parked his car in the Buitenveldert district near his home.

First, one of the men attacked Doornbos’ head with a bat. is it[calledThenthesecondsuspectcamealongandalsohittheformerFormula1starandtoday’sTVexpertThereistalkofa”brutalattack”

The police also released detailed descriptions of the robbers and asked for tips from the public.

Ex-Formula 1 star tracked with GPS tracker

Particularly perfidious: The perpetrators apparently followed Doornbos in the run-up to the attack with a GPS tracker that was attached under his car.

With a similar modus operandi, footballer Dusan Tadic was robbed by Ajax Amsterdam in July 2022. At that time, however, the strangers withdrew without taking any booty.

Doornbos’ mobile phone and a Rolex watch were stolen during the robbery. “I no longer wear expensive watches, just an Apple Watch so that I can at least count my steps,” said the native of Rotterdam, who started as a reservist in the premier class of motorsport in 2005 for Minardi and 2006 for Red Bull and completed a total of eleven races.

Ferrari frontman Charles Leclerc was also attacked in Viareggio in April 2022. The robbers stole his expensive Richard Mille luxury watch. This reappeared in Spain in July.

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