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Brits warned to avoid 83 beaches as SEWAGE is dumped into nearby waters


Britons have been warned not to swim at more than 80 beaches across the country after heavy rains caused sewage discharge to seep into the waters.

Surfers Against Sewage have issued a warning to those looking to head for UK shores.

The marine conservation charity monitors water quality across the country to keep the public aware of any places affected by sewage.

Using an interactive map to help illustrate the vast number of affected beaches across the UK, Surfers Against Sewage have outlined 83 places to avoid.

A TripAdvisor favorite has made the list, Gorleston Beach, which was named the “Best Beach in the Country” last month.

Britons have been warned not to swim at more than 70 beaches across the country after heavy rains caused sewage discharge to seep into the waters.

The little-known seaside town is bracing for an influx of visitors after Tripadvisor named its beach the best in the UK and 12th best in Europe.

Local residents insisted today that they were not at all surprised by the award for the massive stretch of sand at Gorleston-on-Sea, Norfolk.

But for now, it seems a visit to the hidden gem is off the table thanks to sewage discharged from a sewer overflow within the area.

The charity’s warning read: ‘A large 3km stretch of sand backed by a promenade, gardens and the town with wooden groynes running along its length.

‘Gorleston-on-Sea became popular in Edwardian times and is still a busy seaside resort. Several sewage overflows flow into the Yare River, which empties into the sea at the northern end of the beach.

Other beaches on the list with the warning include Southend Jubilee Beach, Sheerness, Folkestone, Dymchurch, Camber, Bognor Regis and Cowes.

It is also warned not to go to the tourist hotspots of Brighton, Blackpool and Whitstable.

Scarborough, Saltburn, Whitby, Spittal, Amble links, Warkworth, Seaham, Walney Biggar Bank, Pendower are also on the list.

Sewage and agricultural pollution have pushed the UK to the bottom of the list in Europe in terms of bathing water quality rankings.

Contamination can make waters unsafe as people can contract harmful diseases such as antimicrobial-resistant bacteria and viruses.

The group estimates “more than 400,000 raw sewage discharges into UK rivers” and “nearly 5,500 discharges into UK coastal bathing waters”.

Last August, it was revealed that water companies have spent more than nine million hours pumping raw sewage into Britain’s seas and rivers since 2016.

Figures from the Environment Agency reveal the staggering amount dumped in areas that include tourist and bathing spots.

And the Labor Party, which obtained the data under Freedom of Information laws, warned on Friday that the full scale of contamination could be much worse.

Jim McMahon, Labour’s environmental spokesman, accused the water giants of cutting corners to “pump dirty, untreated sewage into our playing fields and into our waters”.

He added: ‘Workers will put an end to this shameful practice by ensuring unlimited fines can be applied, holding water company bosses legally and financially accountable for their negligence, and tightening regulations that currently allow the system to be abused. ‘.

The data shows that, since 2016, raw sewage has been discharged into UK seas and rivers for a total of 9,427,355 hours.

It also shows there has been a 2,553 percent increase in the number of download hours monitored between 2016 and 2021, with the party arguing that the situation is “drastically worsening” under the Conservatives.

In 2016, the Environment Agency recorded 100,533 hours of spills.

By 2021, that number has skyrocketed to 2,667,452.

Brits warned to avoid 83 beaches due to dumped sewage

  1. dhoon bay
  2. saliva
  3. Warkworth
  4. amble links
  5. North Druridge Bay
  6. South Druridge Bay
  7. south blyth beach
  8. Tynemouth Cullercoats
  9. seaham hall beach
  10. seaham beach
  11. Seaton Carew North
  12. Redcar Coatham
  13. red car granville
  14. lost red car
  15. Markke Sands
  16. saltburn
  17. Whitby
  18. Scarborough North Bay
  19. Scarborough South Bay
  20. Bridlington South Beach
  21. heacham
  22. Gorleston Beach
  23. three southend shells
  24. southend jubilee beach
  25. Sheerness Canterbury
  26. minister read
  27. leysdown
  28. West Beach, Whitstable
  29. tank
  30. Herne Bay Center
  31. hernes bay
  32. sand gate
  33. hythe
  34. St. Mary’s Bay (Kent)
  35. st leonardo
  36. bexhill
  37. normans bay
  38. Pevensey Bay
  39. Seaford
  40. salty
  41. brighton kemptown
  42. Brighton Downtown – Brighton
  43. hove grass
  44. littlehampton
  45. East of Bognor Regis
  46. Bognor Regis (Aldwick)
  47. pagham
  48. langstone harbor
  49. Eastney
  50. South East Sea
  51. stokes bay
  52. ryde
  53. Seagrove
  54. Saint Helena
  55. bermuda
  56. white cliff bay
  57. Yaverlandia
  58. sandown
  59. Shanklin
  60. Lee-on-Solent
  61. Hill
  62. cows
  63. Roach
  64. colwell bay
  65. totland bay
  66. pentewan
  67. north west of dunster
  68. weston main
  69. Weston-super-Mare Sand Bay
  70. Wharfe on Cromwheel – Ilkley Bathwater
  71. south port
  72. Saint Ana
  73. Santa Ana North
  74. blackpool south
  75. blackpool center
  76. Blackpool North
  77. bisfam
  78. cleveleys
  79. wooden fleet
  80. Morecambe North
  81. Walney Biggar Bank
  82. Walney Sand Gap
  83. Walney West Shore

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