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Britney Spears’ husband Sam Asghari ended their marriage ‘after her erratic behaviour plunged to an all-time low’: ‘He bore the brunt and it was too much’


Britney Spears’ husband Sam Asghari has ended their marriage after her erratic behavior plummeted to an all-time low, sources have claimed.

The actor, 29, confirmed he split from the singer, 41, on Thursday after 14 months of marriage, and filed for divorce last month.

Now it has been claimed Sam walked away from the relationship after Britney’s behavior became increasingly volatile, with a source saying she would ‘rant and yell at staff while making ridiculous demands’.

It comes after Britney broke her silence on the split by admitting she was ‘shocked’ her marriage was over but ‘couldn’t take the pain anymore’.

A source told the The American Sun: ‘Her behavior has become concerning and everyone is worried about her.

Claims: Britney Spears’ husband Sam Asghari has ended their marriage after his erratic behavior plunged to an all-time low, sources say

About: It was claimed that Sam walked away from the relationship after Britn'eys behavior became increasingly unstable

About: It was claimed that Sam walked away from the relationship after Britn’eys behavior became increasingly unstable

“She is acting more and more erratically and is in a vulnerable state. Sam was carrying the weight and it turned out to be too much. Everything is plunged into a new low and it’s sad to see.

Another source shared that Britney has a “strange” obsession with knives and throws them against walls and hides them around the house.

They added: “It’s like she’s paranoid, someone is chasing her and she needs the knives for protection.”

MailOnline has contacted representatives for Britney Spears and Sam Asghari for comment.

Britney broke her silence on her split from Sam on Friday.

‘I honestly couldn’t take the pain anymore!!!’ she captioned a video of herself dancing in her living room. “In a telepathic way I have received so many heart melting messages from friends and thank you!!!”

She continued, “I’ve been playing hard for way too long and my Instagram may look perfect, but that’s far from reality and I think we all know that!!!”

The mother-of-two then admitted she would ‘love to show’ her ’emotions and tears’ online, but still feels the need to ‘hide’ her ‘weaknesses’.

Difficult: It comes after Britney broke her silence on the split by admitting she was

Difficult: It comes after Britney broke her silence on the split by admitting she was ‘shocked’ her marriage was over but ‘couldn’t take the pain anymore’

“If I wasn’t my dad’s strong soldier, I’d be sent to places to be treated by doctors!!!” she admitted. “But that’s when I needed family the most!!!”

While appearing to remain optimistic, the Grammy winner reminded fans that “you are meant to be loved unconditionally” and that she will be “as strong as she can be.”

‘And I’m doing really, really well!!! Anyway, have a nice day and don’t forget to smile!!!’ she concludes.

His post comes after claims that Britney had several physical contacts with Sam during their relationship and once gave him a black eye while he slept.

Asghari reportedly told friends the Princess of Pop would attack her during their seven years together, sources say TMZadding that there were many fights where security had to intervene between the two.

She has yet to respond to the allegations. Britney’s camp has not responded to these claims, which DailyMail.com has repeatedly contacted.

Her latest update comes after DailyMail.com learned that she refuses to let her ex claim custody of their two dogs in their bitter divorce battle.

In Asghari’s divorce filing, he asks that the singer be ordered to pay spousal support and cover his legal and court fees, while asking for ‘separate assets’ and ‘miscellaneous items’ – which Britney fears includes the two adopted dogs he gave her, a source close to the popstar has now revealed.

Speaking exclusively to DailyMail.com, the Spears family insider revealed that Britney, who has hired famed fierce Hollywood divorce lawyer Laura Wasser, is confident her team will be able to put an end to any claims. what Sam could do to her wealth – but she is gravely concerned that her beloved puppies could be at greater risk.

The former currently share two dogs: a Doberman named Porsha, who Sam gave to Britney in 2021, and a German Shepherd named Sawyer, whom they adopted this year.

“When it comes to ownership (shared by Britney and Sam), the hardest part of dividing assets will be their two dogs,” the source explained. “But Sam gave Porsha to Britney as a gift and she was the one who wanted to adopt Sawyer when they were in Maui.”

However, the source added that there is one “asset” that Britney is more than willing to give back to her ex-husband: her engagement ring, which he got for free.

As for Britney’s current condition, the insider revealed that she’s being cared for by a team of friends, family and staff, a Maltese named Lulu and a cat named Wendy – plus beloved puppies she had during her relationship.

“She’s not alone at all. Britney has her sister Jamie Lynn coming in and out of Los Angeles and she also has her mother Lynne, who should be arriving this weekend, if she hasn’t already flown ‘, explained the source.

“She has a support system that includes her agent and longtime friend (and manager) Cade (Hudson), her friends that include several of her backup dancers, and her girlfriends.”

“She has a team of assistants and her boss who are always in the houses. She also has other workers who are constantly there.

“Last week, Britney received calls and texts from everyone she knows, including people she hasn’t spoken to in years.

‘She’ll be fine. She’s been through worse and no one will allow anything to happen to her,’ the Spears family insider insists.

In Sam’s divorce document, which was filed in LA Superior Court last week, he said he was seeking a divorce on the basis of “irreconcilable differences”.

He ticked the boxes that he wants spousal support, as well as for Britney to pay attorney fees and court costs.

However, it looks like he will miss his multi-million dollar spousal support claim, as a huge loophole existed in their ironclad prenuptial agreement.

Sam officially filed for divorce on Wednesday, citing

Sam formally filed for divorce on Wednesday, citing ‘irreconcilable differences’ and listing July 28, 2023 as their separation date.

The agreement would contain a section that Sam would receive $1 million in spousal support for every two years of marriage. Although they started dating in 2016, their marriage only lasted 14 months.

However, sources said TMZ that if the prenup prevents Sam from receiving spousal support, he could receive a one-time check from Britney to prevent him from sharing “embarrassing information” about their marriage.

The prenup is believed to have an ‘extended confidentiality clause’ which prohibits Sam from discussing his relationship with Britney.

THURSDAY, TMZ reported that Sam suspected the Grammy-winning singer cheated on him with a staff member at the Southern California home they shared, and that video footage shot at the property implies Britney was unfaithful.

Sam suspected that Britney – described as being in a ‘fragile and hyper-sexualized state’ – had also had a member of staff film her naked.

It’s unclear if the staff member she allegedly asked to film her is also the same person she allegedly cheated with.

Britney’s alleged behavior described by outlet source as risky ‘to her own safety’; and that her infidelity was what persuaded Sam to go ahead with her divorce filing.

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