British student, 18, is attacked by 10-foot crocodile at Victoria Falls in Zambia

British student, 18, cheats on death when boyfriend fights 10ft CROCODILE who dragged her into deadly role and tore her leg while white-water rafting in Zambia

  • Brit, 18, was attacked by a 10-foot-tall crocodile during a gap-year holiday in Zambia
  • Girl was rafting Victoria Falls before going for a swim during a break
  • Reptile bit her leg and put her in a death roll while a male friend fought to free her
  • Croc eventually gave up and she was rushed to hospital for surgery to save her leg

A British teenage backpacker is mauled by a crocodile while traveling with friends during a gap year in southern Africa.

The 18-year-old public schoolgirl had been enjoying a day of rafting at Victoria Falls in Zambia when she was attacked by the 10-foot-tall reptile, leaving her in a ‘death roll’.

A male friend ran to help and beat the reptile until it let her go, before bandaging her and airing her to the hospital so surgeons could try to save her leg.

An 18-year-old British public schoolgirl on a gap year break in Zambia was bitten in the leg by a 10-foot-tall crocodile while white-water rafting on the Zambezi River (file image)

The hospital is located in Lusaka, the Zambian capital, 240 miles from where the attack took place.

It is not clear when the girl was attacked exactly and her current condition is also unclear.

The girl was whitewater rafting down rapids along the Zambezi River below the falls and was taking a break between sessions when the reptile struck.

She and a friend had entered the river for a swim to cool off, after learning from guides that the water was safe because all the large crocodiles were upstream above the falls.

A source told The sun: ‘They had stopped rafting for a while and she was swimming with a friend when it happened.

“As soon as it happened, he ducked under the water and started beating the crocodile furiously.

“Then others jumped in to help. It was chaos. There was blood everywhere and people were beating. She’s lucky she’s still alive.’

A family friend added that it is “really quite rare” to get crocodiles where the attack took place, and the girl was “very lucky” to be rescued.

Although attacks at the falls are rare, they are not unprecedented.

In 2018, her arm was bitten off by a crocodile attacking their boat from a Zimbabwean woman sailing above the falls with her British fiancé.

Zanele Ndlovu, a former national tennis player, was enjoying a day out with Briton Jamie Fox when the reptile attacked their raft and leaked in April.

A few days before their wedding, Ms Ndlovu was forced into the water and her left hand was bitten and her right arm torn off above the elbow.

She was rushed to hospital where medics were able to stitch the wound and save her life, before getting married in the hospital chapel the following month.

Zanele told the newspaper The Chronicle in Zimbabwe at the time: ‘The waters were very calm and we had guides and there were about seven boats in the water when the crocodile just jumped out.

“It jumped out of the water and bit my right arm along with the side of the canoe that started to deflate and it all happened so fast.

“The crocodile bit me again and pulled me into the water. My husband was thrown out the other side so the boat was between the two of us.

“Jamie swam to where I struggled with the crocodile trying to pull me to the bottom of the river and grabbed my waist and with the other hand he blew the crocodile.

“It has all happened so quickly that we have conflicting stories about the events. The guides saw us fighting the crocodile and joined in and the crocodile finally let go.

“The pain was unbearable, but Jamie was by my side and I gathered the strength to fight through it and although he was in shock, he calmed me down.”