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British man dances in front of a Sydney church in a ballet outfit before he is confronted by a woman

Moment angry woman confronts male ballerina for church performance: ‘This is an abomination’

  • Kadeem Hosein performed a dance in St Mary’s Cathedral
  • A woman confronted Mr. Hosein while he was being filmed
  • She objected to his performance outside a church

A male ballerina has been confronted by an angry woman who slapped him for performing in front of a church.

Dancer Kadeem Hosein was performing shirtless in a tutu outside St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney when he was approached by a woman who called it an ‘abomination’.

In a video captured of the incident, the woman asks, “Can you record somewhere else, not in front of the house of the Lord?”

Mr. Hosein, who was focused on his moves, asks the woman to repeat herself.

“Can you take someone else who is not before the house of the Lord?” she says again.

“Or you can just wait five minutes and I’ll be done?” Mr. Hosein replied.

She shot back and said, “No. This is an abomination.’

Male dancer Kadeem Hosein (pictured) was performing outside St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney when he was confronted by a woman

You are in a public space. I can record you anywhere in a public place,” says the cameraman.

“That’s a church,” the woman says, pointing to the cathedral before walking away.

“Didn’t God create ballet?” asks Mr. Hosein as she leaves.

The ballet dancer uploaded the fiery clip to his TikTok and Instagram accounts.

Several viewers praised Mr. Hosein for not shying away from the woman’s demands.

‘What a horrible person. I’m sorry you had to go through that.’

“Thank heavens for the beautiful dancing,” a third added.

“The Lord would welcome your dances before the cathedral,” another commented.

The woman disagreed with the appropriateness of Mr. Hosein's dance outside a church

The woman disagreed with the appropriateness of Mr. Hosein’s dance outside a church