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British defence: Moscow regularly receives Iranian marches


Despite repeated Russian and Iranian denials during the recent period, Britain announced that Russia has probably begun to receive regular supplies in small numbers of Iranian “Shahid” drones.

The British Ministry of Defense estimated in its intelligence report today, Sunday, that Russian forces have launched at least 71 attacks using these aircraft, since the beginning of March, against targets in Ukraine.

Ukrainian defences

It also indicated that Russia might be launching Iranian “Shahid aircraft” from two axes, namely Russia’s Krasnodar Krai in the east and from Bryansk Oblast in the northeast.

In addition, it saw that the Russian forces expanded the range of their strikes with marches to disperse the Ukrainian air defenses. She explained that this gives Russia the flexibility to target large areas of Ukraine and reduce flight time to targets in northern Ukraine.

Kiev had accused Tehran more than once in the past months of supporting Moscow with drones, confirming that it had shot down dozens of drones made in Iran.

However, the Iranian authorities denied the support of the Russian forces altogether, stressing that they support seeking a peaceful solution between the two parties to this conflict, which ended on February 24, its first year, opening the second.

Iran is located on the southern border of the Caspian Sea, while Russia is stationed on the northwestern border of the sea, which is the largest inland body of water in the world, which makes physical transportation between allied countries relatively easy, despite the massive sanctions imposed on Russia.

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