British broadcasters launch Britbox streaming service in the UK

Britbox, the streaming service formed as a joint venture between British broadcasters, which came to the US more than two years ago, has finally been launched in his home country. For £ 5.99 a month (same as a basic Netflix or Amazon Prime Video subscription), BBC news reports that viewers have access to a series of shows, including Downton Abbey, Gavin & Stacey, Wolf Hall, Broadchurchand Happy Valley. Ultimately, the service will host BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Comedy Central UK and Channel 5 content.


Although every UK broadcaster currently manages its own free "catch-up" services for recently broadcast shows, one of Britbox's major selling points is the older content it will offer from the broadcaster's back catalogs. These include classic comedies such as Blackadder and Fawlty Towers, drama & # 39; s like Brideshead Revisited, and more than 600 classic episodes of Doctor who. Speak against BBC news, ITV & # 39; s Reemah Sakaan called this older content a "new battlefield" in the streaming wars and quoted older shows such as friends who continue to attract interest more than ten years after their original broadcast.

Unfortunately, Britbox is missing a number of recent British hit shows, including Killing Eve and Peaky Blinders at the launch. Part of the problem is that many UK broadcasters have already licensed much of their catalogs for existing streaming services, and another problem is that newer shows are also expected to run on the free catch-up services of their respective broadcasters before they appear on the paid Britbox. The BBC, for example, is now able to Host shows on its iPlayer service for a full year. This has resulted in a number of unfortunate blind spots for Britbox.

If you want to try the new service, you can now sign up for a free 30-day trial of Britbox on his website. The service is available on iOS and Android, and apps are also available for Samsung TV & # 39; s and Apple TV streaming boxes. It is not enough to take the sting out that Disney + still has no fixed British release date after "early 2020, "But it's something.