British Airways and Ryanair are under investigation for not offering Covid refunds


Andrew Flintham- TUI

Unlike other European countries and despite multiple requests, the government has refused to be transparent about the data requirements for green, orange and red destinations.

We need to see the methodology so that we can help our customers and plan our operations accordingly. There are destinations around the world with few or no cases of Covid-19 and good vaccination rates, so we need to understand why they remain on the orange list.

John Holland Kaye – Heathrow

Ministers last month praised the restart of international travel, only to close it three weeks later, all but a guarantee of another lost summer for the travel industry.

Everyone wants to protect public health, but the entire goal of the Global Travel Taskforce was to set up a system to securely unlock low-risk travel.

Britain is the worst performing economy in the G7, and in the week when the Prime Minister receives G7 leaders to launch his government’s vision of Britain, he is sending the message that the UK will remain isolated from the rest of the world and closed to most of its G7 partners.

Johan Lundgren – easyJet

When drawing up this framework, the consumer was promised a waiting list in order to plan.

Yet the government has torn up its own rulebook and ignored the science, leaving people’s plans in chaos, with virtually no notice or alternative options for traveling from the UK.

This decision essentially cuts the UK off from the rest of the world.

Brian Strutton- Balpa (Association of Aviation Pilots)

This decision is a total disaster for the already fragile travel industry and is likely to lead to further airline bankruptcies and many more job losses.

Every ounce of public trust is shattered and the traffic light system appears to be in red.

Tim Alderslade- UK Airlines

This is no way to treat passengers. The government promised a green watchlist to avoid this scenario of people stranded abroad – where is it?

This decision only adds to the belief that ministers actually do not want international travel this summer and cut the UK off from the rest of the world, despite the success of the vaccination programme.

If so, they should be open and tell us, rather than lead us and our customers further in this painful merry dance, and take longer term support measures for an industry now on its knees.

Paul Karel – The PC desk

In fact, they are putting tens of thousands of jobs in the aviation and travel industries at risk and showing no signs of helping the industry recover.

They seem to want to continue to create an atmosphere of fear among travelers that is completely at odds with other countries. There are several countries that meet the criteria to be on the green list, so this is clearly a politically charged decision rather than a data-based one.