Brisbane Lions epic comeback win could be soured with star player accused of EYE-GOUGING

Brisbane Lions’ epic comeback win could be soured with star player accused of EYE-GOUGING Melbourne’s Clayton Oliver. ‘It doesn’t look good in slow motion’

  • Lions midfielder Jarrod Berry could miss next week after alleged eye gouge
  • The 26-year-old argued with Clayton Oliver when he seemingly dug into the Melbourne star’s eyes
  • Berry inspired an amazing 22 point comeback against the league’s second seed







Brisbane scrambled back from a 22-point deficit at halftime to steal Melbourne’s provisional definitive birth – but Lions star Jarrod Berry could be banned from their AFL flag campaign after being accused of an eye-gouge at Clayton Oliver .

The Demons collapsed and lost the last two quarters.

Clayton Oliver struggles with Jarrod Berry of the Lions in the third quarter – Berry is said to have stabbed the Melbourne star in the eye, which could put him on the sidelines for next week’s preliminary final

It was in the third quarter when a nasty scuffle between two class midfielders erupted with clouds over Berry’s final future after he appeared to rake in Oliver’s eyes.

Berry brought Oliver to the ground after kicking the ball into the field, triggering a push and shove, with the No.7 Lions digging his left hand into Oliver’s face.

The 26-year-old then followed up the act with his right hand, scraping again for the 2022 All Australian eye.

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After the game, 7Sport panelist Luke Hodge said it “doesn’t look right” in the slow motion replay, as Berry clawed twice at Oliver

After the match, Berry said there was ‘nothing purposeful’ in the contact and believed the biff was a natural part of the match.

Former teammate of the Lions intermediary, Luke Hodge, said “it doesn’t look good in slow motion.”

If the Match Review committee offers the Lion a suspension, Berry will become the third Brisbane player to already be banned from the final series.

Cam Rayner and Noah Answerth accepted a one-match suspension and missed the club’s elimination final against Richmond.

Oliver was visibly vocal to umpires after the alleged foul play and pleaded with the judging committee to take action.

Analysts and footy legends rushed to Berry’s defense, saying that in the heat of the moment, the review officers will always look at facial contact, regardless of the intent.

Clayton Oliver gestures to the eye after reportedly being stabbed in the eye by Lions midfielder Jarrod Berry – who put in a stellar performance in a match against the 2022 All Australian

“I don’t want to use the word eye gouge, but we know that when you get into this situation, sometimes you do things to get yourself out,” said Fox Footy’s Garry Lyon.

‘It’s the first movement – ​​it’s a light raking of the eyes. I don’t think you can be a little guilty of this.’

“I think you should take into account that Berry is on his back and has his arm across his face/throat. You’re pretty defenseless in that situation,” Nick Riewoldt told the Fox Footy panel.

“(Berry’s actions will) be disapproved…that will be the defense—that he is defenseless on the ground.”

Jarrod Berry comes from behind to knock down Clayton Oliver after kicking the ball into the field leading to the nasty scuffle

Berry was sent off to Oliver by Lions coach Chris Fagan in the second half to challenge the Melbourne stars’ physical prowess, which made Brisbane’s night but could ruin next week’s chances.

Collingwood great Nathan Buckley said it was a “very bad moment” that dulls Berry’s stunning performance on the 2021 premiership winner.

Brisbane is expected to welcome a return of Joe Daniher next week, after the birth of his first child, which left him dead from last night’s overflowing triumph.


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