Brisbane cyclist is confronted by more than a dozen magpies

Every cyclist’s worst nightmare! More than a dozen magpies confront a cyclist as they search for food in a park: ‘A moment I will never forget’

  • Cyclist Greg Warlock was greeted by a flock of magpies during a ride in Brisbane
  • The herd quietly converged on Mr Warlock and he was not shot
  • Experts have warned people about the breeding season, which ends this month

A swarm of magpies has encountered a cyclist while riding through a park.

Cyclist Greg Wedlock said the magpies flew over to him after he stopped at a park in Brisbane last month.

He was initially wary because it was the middle of the breeding season when magpies overrun riders and people walking close to their nests.

Brisbane Cyclist Greg Warlock (Pictured) Got A Pleasant Surprise When A Flock Of Magpies Flew Down To Greet Him During A Ride

Brisbane cyclist Greg Warlock (pictured) got a pleasant surprise when a flock of magpies flew down to greet him during a ride

But the cyclist was pleasantly surprised when the birds instead behaved kindly and were interested in Mr. Wedlock’s presence.

“On this day I had stopped in a park and then a lot of magpies landed very close by,” he wrote in a message.

‘I was quite surprised because it’s breeding season and they regularly attack cyclists to protect their young. They were super friendly, a moment I will never forget.’

Mr Wedlock said the birds appeared to be out for food and someone may have fed them before he arrived.

The breeding season for magpies takes place between August and November each year.

The Australian National University’s Research School of Biology has put together a guide on how to prevent future attacks.

Humans are usually hunted by male magpies who simply defend their young from danger.

Males are easily identified by their white backs, while females are generally smaller and have light gray backs.

Wildlife Experts Have Offered Advice On How To Avoid Being Overrun By Magpies During Mating Season And How To Build A Friendlier Relationship With Their Local Flock (Stock Image)

Wildlife experts have offered advice on how to avoid being overrun by magpies during mating season and how to build a friendlier relationship with their local flock (stock image)

People who have been shot in the same area multiple times on different days are likely to be attacked by the same magpie.

‘Once they identify a single individual as a threat, there may be a tendency to perch or attack them close to the breeding area during the breeding season,’ said Dr Chaminda Ratnayake.

dr. Ratnayake recommends following a strategy of avoidance, harm minimization, and informing.

It involves staying away from areas where you have been shot for a few months, wearing a hat and sunglasses to protect your head and eyes and the urge to panic and flee if confronted to resist.

Sean Dooley, Birdlife Australia’s National Public Affairs manager, told Daily Mail Australia that it is imperative to befriend your local flock before the mating season starts.

‘From a magpie’s perspective, the people who feed them clearly fall into the friendly category! It’s almost unheard of for magpies to aggressively knock down people who feed them,” Mr Dooley said.

Dr. Ratnayake Recommends Staying Away From Areas Where You'Ve Settled Down For A Few Months, Wearing A Hat And Sunglasses, And Resisting The Urge To Panic And Flee If Confronted (Pictured, A Woman Is Shot By A Magpie)

dr. Ratnayake recommends staying away from areas where you’ve settled down for a few months, wearing a hat and sunglasses, and resisting the urge to panic and flee if confronted (pictured, a woman is shot by a magpie)

And while feeding native animals is controversial, Dooley says as long as it’s done safely, there’s little to no harm.

The bird expert suggests wild bird seed mixes at pet stores, and even dog food is the perfect treat for your local magpies.

Like us, junk food isn’t good for your health, so try to avoid most processed foods. Too much salt, sugar and fat is not good, so try to avoid things like sausage meat, bread or bacon,” he said.

‘Even minced meat is not ideal, as there is a risk that the shreds will end up in the side of the beak and become a source of infection. But the most important thing is that minced meat doesn’t really contain the right nutrients for magpies that are deficient in, for example, calcium.’

He backs up his suggestion to feed the birds by citing other animal experts.

“There is very little evidence to show that Australian native birds ever become dependent on feed. As a leading expert, Professor Darryl Jones says, you don’t give them their main meal, but rather a cup of tea and a biscuit,’ he said.

Magpies Can Recognize Human Faces And Are Likely To Approach People Who Feed Them Calmly

Magpies can recognize human faces and are likely to approach people who feed them calmly

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