Brides: How to Find the Right Hair Stylist for Your Wedding

A wedding is a chance to shine. You want to look your best when everyone’s about to take your picture. The right hair stylist offers a chance to look your best and make this day your very own.

Your Style

You have a personal style. This is about who you are and how you present yourself to the world. Your personal style should be apparent on your wedding day. Think about the dress style you want. A good hairdo is part of that overall look. You might have something very formal in mind with lots of lavish details. Or you might want to keep it simple. Look for a hair stylist who understands your sense of style and can help you bring it out.

Look For a Portfolio

A portfolio is a standard tool that many hair stylists use to show what they can do for their clients. Many hair stylists put their portfolios online for potential clients to view before choosing a hair dresser. You should be able to see what the stylist has done in the past. You should also be able to see how they’ve responded to special situations. Ideally, wedding looks should be part of the work the stylist has done in the past. If you like their work but don’t see evidence of wedding related work, now is the time to ask for samples.

Book Early

The most popular stylists tend to be in heavy demand. If you holding your wedding during popular times of the year such as late spring or early summer, you’ll want to make a special effort to reach out to them. Book the hair stylist as early as can. Once you’ve set a date, it’s time to find the stylist you want. Think about having a backup plan in place. A good stylist will have more than one person on hand to cover your big day. That way, if the stylist you want can’t make it, someone can still be there for you.

Be Open to New Possibilities

One of the best reasons to work with a hair stylist is having someone on your side who can open doors for your. A good stylist can show you hair options you might not have thought about before. Speak with them. Show them your hair. Ask them what they would do for you and why. They might suggest new updo, braids, a veil attached to your hair or all sorts of thing that can enhance your look from head to toe. These are options that will help you feel your best when you walk down the aisle.

Social Media

Your friends and family can be invaluable when you go searching for a hairdresser. Ask people who’ve been married recently what they did. You might have seen and liked a new hairstyle that a friend had during her reception. Reach out to her and ask her who helped her get that look. The same is true of other participants in the wedding. Someone might have a look you really liked when they were at a wedding with you. Let them know you admired their look and ask for the name of the hair stylist who did that for them.

Trust Your Instincts

Getting married is a major life step. You’re making all sorts of plans well before the wedding happens. After you’ve done some wedding planning, you’ve probably gained a sense of confidence. You know you’re going to pull this off well. Tap into this feeling when picking a stylist. You should feel a sense of connection when you speak to them. They should be on the same wavelength and share your excitement. You are hiring someone to be at your side when it matters. If you find they listen to you, chances are this is the right person for your day.