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Bride and groom slammed for ‘tacky’ and ’embarrassing’ detail in their wedding RSVP

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Guests claimed the couple expected guests to pay for their own meals.

A couple have been labeled “in bad taste” for their wedding invitation – with a small detail sparking an intense debate over wedding etiquette.

A woman recently revealed that she was invited to a ceremony where the bride and groom asked guests to pay for their own food.

The invitation said the couple wasn’t expecting any ‘traditional gifts,’ but wanted guests to wire them $40 per adult and $20 per child when they RSVP.

The guest was horrified when she noticed the detail and immediately shared an image of the invitation in the popular Facebook group “That’s it, I’m ashamed of the wedding.”

“No, no, no, no, no and no,” she captioned the post.

Guests claimed the couple expected guests to pay for their own meals.

‘In lieu of traditional gifts, we ask that you contribute to the cost of our reception buffet. “This will allow us to share a wonderful meal together and create lasting memories with our loved ones,” the invitation reads.

The cost per adult is $40 and for children under 12 years old it is $20.

The invitation read: ‘To facilitate the planning process, we kindly ask that you include your contribution to the meals when you RSVP.

‘This will help us provide accurate numbers to our venue and ensure a seamless experience for everyone.

‘Transfer the funds directly to our bank account as soon as possible. Please include your name and ‘wedding buffet contribution’ in the payment reference.

While the couple said the presence of their guests was the ‘most significant gift’ [they] could ask for,” many still criticized them for expecting a “fee” to attend the event.

‘If you can’t afford a wedding, DON’T HAVE A WEDDING!’ one said, while another asked: ‘Why are people obsessed with living beyond their means?’

One woman wrote: “Just say ‘no gifts’ and leave it at that.” You don’t charge people to attend your wedding.

‘I can’t imagine making people pay for food at a party I’m throwing. If you can’t serve your guests as a host, don’t have a wedding. Elope somewhere or something!’ said a woman.

Some took issue with the way the suggestion was worded.

“Paying for your own dinner is a bargain for a wedding gift, but asking people to wire funds to your bank account is crazy,” one woman wrote.

‘Having to pay with RSVP makes it tacky. I’m not sure how far in advance this is, but I have seen weddings canceled a week before the date. So they would refund all their guests? said another.

But others said it was a “brilliant” idea.

“Honestly, $40 is less than I would give as a gift, and it’s very clear to me that they don’t want gifts, so it’s a bargain!” one said.

“It’s a reasonable amount, I’m not mad about this at all,” wrote another.

‘My sister had 40 people RSVP and they didn’t show up. There were 40 extra dishes that she paid for. I think this is reasonable too!’ one shared.

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