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After speaking with EU leaders in Brussels, the Prime Minister will tell the House of Commons that the "part of the agreement in the vast majority" of the retirement agreement is over.

Ms. May will also tell parliamentarians that many things have changed since the summit in Salzburg.

She will tell you that "important progress" has been made in several areas, such as security, transportation and services.

In addition to this, he will say that protocols have been created for how the Brexit will affect Gibraltar, as well as the United Kingdom military base in Cyprus.

Mrs. May will say: "And all this only in the last three weeks, adds to the agreements we had already reached."

She will add that "taking all this together, 95 percent of the termination agreement and its protocols are already resolved. "

The Prime Minister will explain that he could not accept the support agreement that was presented to him.

She will say: "As I pointed out last week, the original proposal for EU support was one that we could not accept, as it would mean creating a customs border in the Irish Sea and breaking the integrity of the United Kingdom.

"I do not think any Prime Minister of the United Kingdom can ever accept this.

"And I certainly will not."

Ms. May has been receiving a lot of violent reactions from backbenchers who say she is "drinking in the last-chance room."

This came after tensions began to increase over their negotiating strategy during the Brussels summit.

A Brexiteer senior, Theresa Villiers, criticized the "disturbing" briefings given to Sunday papers.

He also stated that Mrs. May was entering the "killing area."

However, the undersecretary, the Brexit minister, Suella Braverman, declared that her colleagues were "free to express themselves in any way they wish".

He did not want to say whether he would support the Prime Minister in a vote of confidence.

According to Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab, an exit agreement must be made by the end of November so that new laws that may be necessary can be applied in time for Brexit Day.

While he said an extension could last three months, he added that this would have to "solve" the problem of Irish support.

The Labor Party has said that they will not support your plan when it is taken to the House of Commons.

Shadow Brexit Sir Keir Starmer explained that there is a "real lack of confidence" in which the Prime Minister can deliver "anything through a good bargain".