<pre><pre>Brexit news: Theresa May will be expelled for Christmas if an agreement with the EU is not reached | United Kingdom | News

Support for the Prime Minister is crumbling among the Brexiteers and the Remoaners after their last humiliating confrontation at the European Council summit.

A source close to the Prime Minister said: "There is no orchestrated campaign to withdraw it, but there is growing dissatisfaction in each quarter.

"Teresa's credibility is sinking rapidly."

Frustration among her group begins to grow after another week of confusion for Ms. May.

Tory MP and archi-remoaner Johnny Mercer called his government a "s *** show."

And the Tory source continued adding: "Parliamentarians are beginning to wonder if they can not reach an agreement with the EU if they are up to the task of getting us out without one."

"The truth is that no one trusts your team to deliver that.

"There would be great problems to address every day.

"If you think the current situation is bad, imagine what it would be like if there was no agreement.

"The Brexit would be at stake, and so will the security of the nation.

"Theresa and her team would drown in a continuous crisis of their own creation."

The allies of former Brexit secretary David Davis have been asking for him to be appointed interim Prime Minister if Ms. May is expelled.

However, it is likely that more than one MP will run for the main job, which causes the Brexit negotiations to stop.

A vote of confidence on the Tory leader is triggered if the backbench boss Sir Graham Brady receives letters from 48 deputies.

Ms. May's allies fear that with the increased pressure on Brexiteers Remoaners, a leadership challenge may be unintentionally triggered.

A Brexiteer told the Sun: "I have no intention of putting a letter, but I know that some are delaying to see if she gets a deal.

"If not, some believe there would be a lot at stake to leave it in place to guide Britain through the stormy waters that lie ahead."