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Speaking about the German political debate program Anne Will, former Secretary of State Sigmar Gabriel got into the stalled Brexit negotiations by suggesting that Prime Minister Theresa May's response to the stalled talks would be to give the others a second vote.

Mr. Gabriel described a handful of strange points that he believed made the Brexit ballot illegitimate, as British teenagers were too young to vote in the June 2016 referendum now, according to him, they will almost certainly vote in a second referendum

He also said that the United Kingdom, in reaching an agreement with the EU, would undermine the single market rules of the bloc.

He spoke about fears that Italy would follow his example and demand his own departure from Brussels, adding that if Brexit goes ahead, "the EU will be ready."

Gabriel also accused the English of dragging Scotland and Ireland to Brexit, insisting that they were friendly with the EU when England was not.

But the WELT European correspondent, Dirk Schümer, dismissed the claim and lavished praise on England.

He said: "I do not even want to imagine a Europe without England, without Great Britain". We should have fought for the British. "Now the baby has come out with the bath water to fight against them, now the horses have escaped and we are discussing how to recover them."

The program, which bears the name of its host, occurs after Ms. May announced that her Brexit agreement with the EU is "95 percent done".

However, this occurred after she requested that the Brexit transition period be extended to the year 2021.

The suggestion, made by Ms. May and the combined EU, caused outrage among the Brexiteers, who demanded that she resign.

Ms. May said that she and EU officials were considering extending the transition period to three more years to prevent a difficult border from occurring in Northern Ireland.

Former Ukip leader Nigel Farage said an extension of the transition period could delay total withdrawal almost until the general elections scheduled for May 2022, adding that "it may mean that we never leave at all."

The disgruntled Tory parliamentarians, desperate for a new approach, have threatened to instigate a vote of confidence in a few days, as they implore Ms. May to confront them at their 1922 Committee meeting on Wednesday.

It could mean that he faces dismissal from his job in 48 hours.

Additional report by Monika Palenberg.