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The organizers estimate that nearly 700,000 people went to London on Saturday to march against the Brexit and demand a popular vote.

Anna Soubry, a conservative party supporter and Remainer, insisted that any decision to annul the decision "has to come from the people."

MP Tory confronted LBC host Matt Frei, who noted that many were "stacked" against those who wanted to remain in the EU.

Ms. Soubry said: "We can not be alone doing that, we have to have that absolute mandate of the force of public opinion."

"That's why we're doing things like this Popular Voting, that's why we've been doing meetings across the country, talking to people.

"It has to come from them if the force is there, that's why we are urging people to send emails, write to their MP, convince their MP that there is a real will to make this happen."

"Then, in that case, whatever Theresa May returns, enters the House, probably now seems in December … we have the opportunity to vote that says" deal, no deal, whatever. " of a popular vote and if the deputies vote in favor of the government having to draft the legislation to put that into practice and these things are fully achievable. "

The LBC host then pointed out the difficulties for the Remainers to obtain a popular vote.

Frei said: "Let me put the following, you need a bit of the Labor Party for this.

"The Labor Party in its conference said that yes it is in favor of a popular vote, but then it was not entirely clear if Remain would be on the ballot to defeat the whole purpose."

"So you need the Labor Party to change its mind, and Theresa May can change her mind and at this moment the parliamentary letters pile up massively against you."

Mrs. Soubry replied: "I obviously listen to your sensible analysis, but when there is a will there is a way.

"The will will come from the British people and I believe it is there and growing."

She added: "I thought Keir Starmer was very clear, he wants Stay on the ballot

"In an overwhelming way, Labor members want a popular vote and want to remain on the ballot."

The Labor Labor's Brexit secretary said the party wants a general election instead of another referendum, but added that all options remain "on the table" in the event that Ms. May's Brexit agreement is voted on. House of Commons.

On Saturday, some 700,000 people marched in London to demand another vote to leave the European Union.

The Prime Minister, Theresa May, has said clearly that there will be no other referendum on cutting ties with the European Union.

At the Tory Party conference earlier this month, Ms. May said: "There are a lot of prominent people in British politics, in parliament and outside it, who want to stop Brexit. His latest plan is to call a second referendum. They call it "popular vote," but we had a popular vote and the people decided to leave. "