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The secretary of Brexit, Dominic Raab, insisted that the United Kingdom should be very careful not to compromise us in the final stages of negotiations with the European Union.

Speaking on the Andrew Marr program of the BBC, Mr. Raab warned the European Union that they would not be able to "choose" the controversial draft of the Ladies of the Prime Minister.

EU leaders have repeatedly told the UK that they will not be allowed to "take advantage" of the advantages of the Brussels bloc during the negotiations.

But, speaking in Marr, Mr. Raab returned the key phrase of the EU, before insinuating that Great Britain would not engage again as the negotiations with the European Union are closed.

He said: "What I can say, and I think this is really important, what the EU can not have are the benefits of all those equal opportunities commitments, and the alignment with the products and agri-food that is so controversial here in home".

"Unless they are willing to give the frictionless trade we want for our manufacturers and for our supply chains.

"There is a question here for the EU about what they want and what they will get, and what they can not do is choose the inspectors."

The BBC host, Marr, asked Mr. Raab if he expected a summit in November after EU leaders rejected the planned meeting until "decisive progress" was achieved in the negotiations.

The Secretary of Brexit replied: "I am sure we can get an agreement and I think we should have done it until the end of November."

"There are many reasons why we can make this deal, there is pragmatism and good will on both sides.

"But, what we're not going to do, and I think this is an important point for Andrew, we've made concessions, we've made compromises, there's a point where they can commit to the commitments they make." "

He added: "I think we are close, that's why we have to make it very clear that Northern Ireland can not be separated from the rest of the United Kingdom, in terms of customs or regulatory, and we can not stay stuck in a situation where we are" . indefinite limbo. "

Raab urged his colleagues to join the government to ensure that a Brexit agreement for Britain is delivered.

He said: "We are in the final stage of the negotiation. It is understandable that there is concern on all sides of this debate.

"We have to maintain our nerve, the end is in sight in terms of good business, the prize we want.

"I think colleagues should wait and see what that looks like. It is not an accomplished fact. They will have all their voice about that. "

He added: "Now is the time to play for the team."

When asked if the transition to Brexit could be extended, Mr. Raab suggested that the period could be three months, but the measure would have to "solve" the problem of Irish support.

He said: "If there is a need for a bridge, I have an open mind about the possibility of using a short extension of the implementation period, let's say three months."

Although EU leaders warned that the November summit would be postponed until "decisive progress" in the negotiations is achieved, Prime Minister Theresa May left the Brussels summit last week, optimistic that an agreement could be reached.

Speaking to reporters after the summit, Ms. May said: "What I've had from the leaders around the table in the last hours … since I arrived in Brussels yesterday, it's a very real feeling that people he wants the deal made. " And I think if you look at some of the comments that have been made, Chancellor Merkel said that where there is a will there is usually a way. "