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The Remainer appealed to the Prime Minister to "continue talking" to break the stalled negotiations, adding that "time is short and that companies need certainty".

He said that any agreement should be "based on a recognizable model to provide the best chance of agreement," as it underscored the appetite within the service sector for close alignment.

The deputy from Loughborough said: "Large amounts of uncertainty, obviously, the largest organizations that can have armies of lawyers and consultants are preparing for the worst possible scenario.

"Obviously, many different banking licenses are being applied abroad.

"Some jobs are moving, but my fear about this has always been that investment decisions are not necessarily now or the creation of new companies, is what happens in the next 10 to 15 years."

"The headquarters in New York that is thinking about the next big investment in the business really thinks, well, we will not do it in London this time, we will do it in another place in continental Europe because we know that is safe and know what the environment ".

Ms. Morgan, the conservative chair of the Treasury Committee, said she regretted the outcome of the 2016 EU referendum and how the government has handled the negotiations.

Tory Backbencher said any agreement with the EU will worsen the situation for the UK, regardless of the agreement reached.

She said: "Any relationship we end up with is less good than what we have now.

"Therefore, our economy will be damaged and, obviously, the Treasury Selection Committee is committed to ensuring that these analyzes are published by the Government, the Bank of England and others, and we are asking for it.

"I still bitterly regret that we are in this position, I wish the Remain campaign was different, I wish we had succeeded, I wish we had improved our arguments, but I think Euroscepticism should not surprise anyone." of us who have been involved in politics during the last decades. "

Although lamented Brexit, said that would provide some opportunities.

Ms. Morgan said: "I suppose with anything, although the UK is an entrepreneurial country and the City of London has gone through something worse and if it is going to look for silver linings, then there will be opportunities to perhaps take advantage of new technologies and the new ones. "Industries and sectors are suitable for the United Kingdom, but it will take some time to be clear."

The Prime Minister only has a few months before the scheduled departure date of March 2019.

But it seems that the United Kingdom is no closer in the midst of fears of another "blind alley".

Today it was reported in the Sunday Times that public officials are preparing contingency plans in case it is not a Brexit.