<pre><pre>Brexit News: Michael Moore BEGS UK will remain in a crazy diatribe | United Kingdom | News

The controversial filmmaker appeared on channel 4 news to connect his new film Fahrenheit 11/9, but took the opportunity to make some anti-Brexit hits during the wide-ranging discussion with the presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy.

Mr. Moore claimed that the United Kingdom had sacrificed "thousands of lives" to save Europe during the two World Wars, and warned that the British would have to wait in a "long line" if they traveled to Paris through the tunnel of the Channel after Brexit.

The author begged the United Kingdom not to leave Europe, and told Mr. Guru-Murthy: "You can not leave, I'm sorry". We have seen that Europe can not do it without you. They need you as much as you.

Mr. Moore appealed to Britain's past affirming: "His story is not to open the doors and say" now we are an island, we really are an island, we are isolating ourselves from everyone ".

"You can not leave Europe, you would not be Europe without you, you saved Europe, you have sacrificed hundreds of thousands of lives to save Europe, not once, but twice!

He continued: "To think that this great country would want to say it at this point in the 21st century, no, that's enough, we're done".

Mr. Moore stated that the European Union and the United Kingdom needed each other to "survive".

He said: "We all need each other, the world is … we are not going to survive, it's about climate change, it's about globalization, it's all the things that have been happening.

"We will not survive unless we realize that we are all together in the same boat."

Continuing his tirade, he used expletives and warned that the British would have to wait in line after arriving in Paris through the Canal tunnel.

Mr. Moore said: "Get out of that tunnel train after we leave Europe, you're going to be standing on a long line of trains in Paris.

"You're going to spend half the day in Paris, standing on the same line of shit where I have to stop."

"Stay out of line, stay in Europe and have your parties listen to you."