Battle of Britain II – David Davis THREATENS EU with NO-FLY zone in MILITANT Brexit attack

The former Brexit secretary will adopt an even more militant attitude towards Brussels when he attacked Theresa May and called for a change of tactics towards a more intransigent approach in the Brexit negotiations.

It was launched against Mrs. May's proposal to extend the transition period to withdraw the EU in one year.

There have been claims that the planes will not fly between the UK and the EU due to a hard Brexit.

Writing for the Mail on Sunday, Mr. Davis rejected these statements as "unlikely" and nothing more than as "Project Fear 2 MK".

He points out that this would interfere with tourism between the UK and the EU, which is highly lucrative.

Mr. Davis wrote: "In addition, the Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation will continue to exist and will have to be implemented and they will barely make fun of it.

"European flights would still need our airspace to fly to the United States. That should be enough to focus the minds on a sensitive result. "

Then he pointed to Brussels, attacking them for trying to "break" the United Kingdom and we should face the "thugs".

Mr. Davis added: "The EU has no right to divide the United Kingdom.

"And the EU has no right to direct how we regulate our economy and we govern ourselves after we leave, we must not allow ourselves to be intimidated by the EU.

"Now is the time to defend the national interest and chart a better course."

Mr. Davis points out that there are "many countries" outside the EU that want to make a free trade agreement with the United Kingdom.

Mr. Davis said that the Prime Minister has "managed to anger not only the defectors but also the ardent remnants."

The former head of Brexit said: "Even the most charitable verdict in the Brexit talks last week in Brussels can hardly describe them as a success.

"The result has managed to anger not only the Dispossessed, but also the ardent Reminders.

"Why?" Because the Prime Minister seemed to tacitly support the idea of ​​extending the Brexit implementation period beyond December 2020. That, in effect, would delay Brexit for another year without apparent gain.

"There would still be Irish support from the north that would undermine the integrity of the United Kingdom, we would have to pay billions more and there will be no agreement on our future relationship with the EU."

The movement could be seen as a potential leadership offer.

Rumors of a vote of no confidence in Ms. May have been growing since she indicated that she could extend the Brexit transition period.