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Andrew Bridgen had a heated debate over his letter of no confidence with Radio 4 host Nick Robinson.

Tory's deputy also said he was "increasing the stakes" for Theresa May to switch to a super free trade agreement with Canada.

Speaking about the Radio 4 Today Program, Mr. Bridgen revealed: "I did it publicly to pressure the Prime Minister to move her political position."

To which Mr. Robinson asked: "Have you asked for a motion of no confidence in Ms. May because you did not want a vote of confidence? Did you want to change the policy?

Mr. Bridgen replied abruptly: "I would need another 47, it's not like that.

"So it was on the rise for us to change to a super free trade agreement with Canada."

The Tory deputy also explained that Theresa May's resignation as prime minister is not the only way to achieve a free trade agreement with Canada.

He added: "Knocking down the Prime Minister is not the only solution.

"The Prime Minister could deviate from the agreement with Checkers, which is deeply unpopular in the country and does not comply with the Brexit we have promised."

A vote of no confidence could be in the letters for Mrs. May when she enters one of the most difficult political weeks of her career.

Disgruntled Tory parliamentarians desperate for a new approach have threatened to instigate a vote of mistrust in a few days, as they implore Ms. May to confront them at their 1922 Committee meeting on Wednesday, which is being labeled a "trial test".

As a result of the crisis meeting, Ms. May will face a last-ditch attempt to save her crumbling leader as she confronts disillusioned and frustrated parliamentarians, some of whom are preparing to intensify their campaign to succeed her in Number 10. .

The 1922 Committee, also known as "the 22", is a committee of all conservative backbench parliamentarians who meet weekly when the House of Commons is in office.

The committee is currently chaired by Graham Brady, Conservative Deputy of Altrincham and Sale West.

Andrew Bridgen had previously said: "This week, Theresa May will discover that she is drinking in the lounge the last time and the bad news for her is that the bar is already dry.

"If it does not reach 22, that will make the letters come in even faster."