<pre><pre>Brexit News: Amber Rudd calls UNITY behind Theresa May as Brexit negotiations continue | Policy | News

The former interior secretary was being interviewed about Brexit on BBC Newsnight when they asked her if she wanted to run the party.

She quickly refused and reaffirmed her support for Theresa May.

Ms. Rudd said: "I have no interest in any kind of leadership conversation, since what we need is to support the Prime Minister and make sure that he has the public support of parliamentarians so that he can get an agreement with the EU.

"The EU can see what is happening here.

"We need to make sure they are clear that she is the prime minister who has received our support."

Later, Ms. Rudd was asked if a leadership challenge would be a smart decision if Ms. May lost her support.

The former Secretary of the Interior rejected the idea again.

She said: "I really think it would be a big mistake.

"It does not change the essence of the problem we have here."

Mrs. Rudd's interview comes shortly after the Prime Minister spoke yesterday to the House of Commons about his Brexit plan.

While she told parliamentarians that much progress had been made, she continued to infuriate many conservative politicians who accused her of surrendering to the EU.

According to the Prime Minister, she is "actively working" to achieve a plan for Irish support.

She said that it would make the UK's proposal for an Irish border legally binding so that they were not obliged to use the EU plan.

He also explained that the United Kingdom would be completely outside the EU in the next general election of 2022.

Currently, there are rumors that certain leading members of the conservative party, such as David Davis, are preparing for a possible leadership challenge.