<pre><pre>Brexit News: Alastair Campbell GRILLED from Sophy Ridge in the second March vote | United Kingdom | News

On Saturday, some 700,000 people marched in London asking for the UK to have another Brexit vote.

The remnant Alastair Campbell, who served as Director of Communications for the Labor Party under Tony Blair's administration, has led the calls for another Brexit vote.

But, Campbell was faced with the Sky News anchor, Sophy Ridge, who noted that many Britons want to "follow" with the Brexit.

Commenting on the size of Saturday's rally, Mr. Campbell said: "I think one of the reasons was that there was a lot of participation, much bigger than we had anticipated, because I think that people feel that the process Brexit, contrary to what the Minister just said, is not going well.

"That nobody actually voted for the Brexit that is now offered.

"People are starting to see that there is no agreement available that is as good as the one we have.

"The other thing, I think, is that people perceive this gap in leadership and, therefore, that was the people who joined.

"I know, the Brextremistas, as I call them, like to say that this was the establishment. That was not the establishment, there were people from all over the country who are literally not happy with how this is going and will not be united around this vision of Brexit. "

The host told the anit-Brexit activist that many will feel "ignored" if there is another EU vote.

She said: "I do not think anyone disagrees with the fact that there are people who are passionately dissatisfied with Brexit.

"But, at the same time, millions of people voted for Brexit, many of them felt ignored by politicians before.

"They'll hear you say:" We're being ignored again, "who do you think voted in the vote of the last people if they were not people?"

Campbell noted that there were Leave voters in the march against Brexit in London on Saturday.

The host replied suddenly saying that "probably the people who voted for Remain who wish to go ahead and stop talking about Brexit".

Mr. Campbell responded: "The whole country is like saying" we can not talk about another person, we can not end this ".

"But, when people keep saying, I listened to Nigel Farage last night saying:" The country just wants to continue with that & # 39 ;, what is it? "

Ridge noted that "many people want to stay with Brexit."

the Remainder He said: "Yes, but the" it "has to become a treaty, it has to become words in the legislation that Parliament agrees to."

The Prime Minister, Theresa May, has said clearly that there will be no other referendum on cutting ties with the European Union.

At the Tory Party conference earlier this month, Ms. May said: "There are a lot of prominent people in British politics, in parliament and outside it, who want to stop Brexit. His latest plan is to call a second referendum. They call it "popular vote," but we had a popular vote and the people decided to leave. "